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    Running LE v8.90.003 Alpha with an i7-4790k and GTX 970. Playerprocessinfo shows increasing number of missed frames (no drop or skipped frames).

    Not sure if this is a release issue or hardware issue.

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    My AVR does not support 4k 60fps unfortunately. Otherwise, that would have been the first solution.

    I can try the switch.

    However, I was under the impression Kodi could do something to the audio so that I could at least play the file. Similar to Plex transcoding..


    I have a Khadas VIM2 running libreelec on SD connected to Vizio p55-e1 4k tv via HDMI. I have the TV connected to a Sony str dn1050 receiver via HDMI ARC.

    HDMI ARC cannot send Dolby TrueHD due to Data Rate Capacity, however my receiver supports that audio format. Unfortunately, I am unaware of any way to output video to the TV and audio to the receiver BOTH from the VIM2.

    So, I have pass through enabled in audio settings. Should I deselect DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD even though my receiver supports it?

    Also, I have tried deselecting those options, but still cannot play back a video with dolby truehd (with and without pass through enabled).