Add built-in Java support

  • Hi, everyone. Kodi recently added the BD-J Menu function in v19, a feature we are waiting for. However this needs a Java environment to work. So I think it would be necessary to build a Java in LibreELEC.

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    Mentioning "Kodi v19" and "recently" in a single sentence doesn´t make sense as the development for v19 hasn´t even started yet. Kodi V18 isn´t out yet. ;)

    Just FYI

  • to provide a feature that everyone has managed without since Kodi first added support for BR discs

    I appreciate the sentiment of not wanting to increase the size of the image so drastically (relative to it's original size), but the above seems to be at odds with the whole point of developing and introducing new features?

    Previously everyone managed without BD-J because Kodi didn't support it when BR support was first introduced, and so people had no choice. Only relatively recently was support added and so as a result BD-J is now a feature that some people would like.

    Is JRE the only way to facilitate out-of-the-box BD-J support in LibreElec? If so, is including JRE within LibreElec not worth considering? As I say, I appreciate not wanting to increase the image size drastically, but in terms of todays hardware, software and generally available bandwidth, 176MB seems no worse than 110MB.

    What are the size goals for LibreElec as a project? Is it a target to keep it under a fixed size (e.g., <150MB), or is it more subjective ("as small as possible")? If the latter, could an argument not be made for including JRE to facilitate BD-J support? Or are there any alternatives, such as packaging it as an Add-On through the LibreElec repository?

  • is the source still around (google doesn't find anything)

    Well, technically speaking it was not independent addon but part of JDownloader. And not whole java but just jre. Sources are somewhere in my backups...

  • Where would be the problem if I just had the option to install the package?

    The argument "that everyone has managed without since..." seems pretty naive, sorry.

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    Where would be the problem if I just had the option to install the package?

    There is none, but currently nobody had created an package for it, also there is no way in adding at to the image, the size increase is ridiculous for that minor function. We can only do it via an addon. java is sadly horrible bloated.

  • Can someone post short sample of such movie with java menu? Or post a link or whatever. I'm willing to test if menus works. Seems all experts are on vacation...

    Adding jre to Generic project is simple as writing this post :D