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    Hi, everyone. Kodi recently added the BD-J Menu function in v19, a feature we are waiting for. However this needs a Java environment to work. So I think it would be necessary to build a Java in LibreELEC.

    Update your DTB from Index of /releases/dtb

    Don't be lazy creating remote config is very easy, post your exact errors as well if you want further help.

    These releases are standard LibreELEC with some minor patches to Kodi, this feature request would be better requested here Feature Requests and also possibly on Kodi forums.

    Thanks, however I think it shouldn't be considered as a feature of Kodi or LibreELEC, the wiki of Kodi says the BD-J will only work when Java presents. Now I'm trying to install Java via SSH and then going to test if it will work after the installation. I'll post the results here immediately after finishing the process.

    Thanks for your hard work on supporting these boxes!

    I installed the latest build on Minix U1 and everything works fine except BD-J menu. It popped up a window saying Java doesn't exist.

    Since I mainly use this box for playing BD-ROMs on my home theater, this feature is specially needed. So please add the Java support if possible. Thanks in advance!