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    I am running Kodi/Win install which gives me trouble with HDR.

    Just got the advice to try Libreelec 10.0.2 for reference.

    Found in the wiki that 10.0 does not support HDR.

    Now, is that still true?

    Or should try this built here?

    Hardware is Asrock Deskmini A300

    Athlon 3000G with Radeon Vega Graphics

    my quickshot on this was to get the ip myself and write it to the conf file like this:

    myipstr=$(getent hosts | grep -o '^[^\.]*.[^\.]*.[^\.]*.[^\ ]*')

    #hosts is here my local hosts file, you might have to change that to your needs

    # replace line 4 in wireguard.config with actual ip

    sed -i '4s/.*/Host = '$myipstr'/' /storage/.config/wireguard/wireguard.config

    # make servicename by replacing . with _ assuming your domainname in wireguard.conf is

    servicename=$(echo "vpn_${myipstr}_kodi_tv" | tr . _)

    # put connman commandos into two little switches

    echo connmanctl connect $servicename > wgon

    echo connmanctl disconnect $servicename > wgoff

    now you can use those switches to start and stop wireguard.

    If you cron schedule above script you are always equipped with your current ip.

    I have done the setup as described in the wiki, but I get no response.

    Instead the following error:

    KODI-TV4:~ # connmanctl services

    *AO Wired ethernet_dca63226ebf3_cable

    * WireGuard VPN Tunnel vpn_kodi4_tv

    KODI-TV4:~ # connmanctl connect vpn_kodi4_tv

    Error /net/connman/service/vpn_kodi4_tv: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.

    my conf file looks like this:


    Type = WireGuard

    Name = WireGuard VPN Tunnel

    Host =


    WireGuard.Address =

    WireGuard.ListenPort =

    WireGuard.PrivateKey = ghgghh

    WireGuard.PublicKey = vhjjnbvv

    WireGuard.PresharedKey =

    WireGuard.DNS =

    WireGuard.AllowedIPs =

    WireGuard.EndpointPort = 45467

    WireGuard.PersistentKeepalive = 25

    Any ideas?

    I have some addons installed, but not an awful lot. Some streaming apps like Netflix, Dazn, Mediathek stuff, Robwebber addons Cron, Backup, Auto library update and some subtitle addons like opensubtitle... enigma PVR is disabled.

    That's it basically.

    I have now tested the cables again and the difference between the good and the bad is approx. 10 degrees. Between 67 and 77 degrees.

    I changed the usb power cable from a rather cheap one 1m to a shorter one around 40cm, and guess what, the temperature went down to 73 degrees. Then I changed it again to a rather expensive one from Anker and the temperature went down again. Now I have around 63 degrees in idle.


    Ok you're right I should have said a bit more. What was running... well I posted the screenshots. Nothing.

    I know the Pi gets warm and I had that problem before, but not literally in idle. What is a bit weird is that cpu consumption is only around 40%.

    With the case not closed (Front door open) and no heatsink it should not get over 80 degrees right?

    This is a replacement I got the other day and I have not installed a heatsink yet, but I had one on the old one and that didn't do much, maybe 2-3 deg.

    The PI is running without a monitor connected. Maybe that's why;)