LE9.0 remote configs ir-keytable Amlogic devices

  • Tap 1 2GB S905X (AZW/Beelink)

    Remote cant working and when enable HDMI CEC (easylink) in TV it freeze/reboot. Any advice? :/

  • I have a95x andriod box but my remote is working sluggish/slow in 8.90.6 build. kinldy share the A95X Nexbox S905X remote configure files (including 70-input-repeat.rules). Advance thanks and Regards.

  • A passable keymap for the VIM2 with attached DVT board and associated remote.

    Fine tune functionality with Keymap editor addon.

    I also found that I had no need for lircd which interferes with certain keys so disabled it by adding a autostart.sh (in .config folder) file containing:

    systemctl stop eventlircd


  • I jumped from older 9.0 alpha version directly to 8.90.6 on my X96 tv box.

    In older version, I had to create my own remote.conf for remote to work, and I had "SETUP" button configured to go into configuration menu (I believe, KEY_CONFIG equivalent is used to associate with "SETUP" button press).

    In the new LibreElec version (8.90.6), remote.conf does not work anymore, and I had to redo everything with rc_maps.conf and create a key map for my remote. Everything is working fine, except "SETUP" button.

    It does not do anything, I can not jump directly into System Configuration.

    Should I use something else instead of KEY_CONFIG command code now?

    or is going-directly-into-system-config is broken in 8.90.6 (one has to go to home menu and select Config icon from there)?

  • Shoog, please have more details where the two files are placed, how do I stop lirc service?

    Thank you

    Read the first post in this thread to see where the files go.

    Switching off Lircd involves creating a file autostart.sh which is placed in the "/storage/.config/" folder. This file should have contain the single line.

    systemctl stop eventlircd

    You can create this file using gedit and samba, or using ssh and nano. You may encounter issues if using Windows Notepad.

    This command will now execute on every reboot.


  • Is It possible to have some different actions for long press the buttons? The Link from the tutorial (keymaps) does not work for me, so i couldn't find an full keymaps file.

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  • Thanks for sharing.

    Also worked AFTER editing in Notepad++ and change EOL to Unix (Edit menu).

    Can I sugest that you edit your message to tell that for other users?

    Comparing to v8.0.1l I came from, power button now power up but does not shutdown/suspend. I noticed MCE (RC-6) remote power button does make a shutdown. I guess I can use my XSIGHT remote to have discrite power commands, but thta's another conversation...

    BTW, where is autostart.sh supposed to be?


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    (CoreELEC 8.90)

  • how to transfer buttons on the remote control for FullscreenLiveTV and PVROSDChannels? On firmware in the file keyboard.xml in the item FullscreenLiveTV assigned another function to the menu buttons, ok, left, right. and they worked only in FullscreenLiveTV and how to do it now?

  • My original TX5 PRO remote works like sh*** with all new Leia builds. Lag after pushing a button on a remote is huge.

    I'm sorry but configuring own remote is just to complicated to me and the LE9.0 remote configs ir-keytable Amlogic devices tutorial does not help. It makes no sense to me. What does "After finishing your file it must be saved in /storage/.config/rc_keymaps/YOURMAPNAME"?

    What file? How do I create it, in what format? Also one link with keycodes is dead.

    Can someone please share working TANIX TX5 PRO remote that does not lag?

    TX5 PRO S905X

  • Where do I extract these 2 files? /storage/.config? What do I type next to make the file active?


    Copy alfawise_H96pp to /storage/.config/rc_keymaps

    Copy rc_maps.cfg to /storage/.config

    then reboot

    also, copy these somewhere else as a backup.

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  • Hello...

    Yesterday i also installed on an SD Card the latest version of CoreELEC in Tanix TX5 Pro and the remote is sluggish and does not perform well...

    Is there any way to extract files from Krypton based installation and use them to Leia installation to correct this issue because in latest Krypton remote is performing very good...

  • The Coolest

    And there's a problem because remote control thread is very unclear. Normal user has no idea where to start. This thread is for people with some IT knowledge and it's written that way.

    Thank you for sharing we can tweak it but how?

    Changing repeat delay and repeat period makes difference but it still works awful bad.

    TX5 PRO S905X