[8.90.11a] LibreELEC 9.x for S912

  • here is video prove:

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    h265 with PGS subtitle

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  • here is video prove:


    Working fine in this example! And that's one of the problems. It does not ALWAYS stutter, but when it starts it gets really annoying. The fact that stuttering is a problem has been established in the thread dropped frames caused by subtitle rendering and the devs are not too optimistic, that it will ever go away completely for the 912.

    But the fine people who work for us in their spare time are still at it and maybe/hopefully they succeed. When they do we will know and praise them even more!

    And now I'll fire up my minix and update to 8.90.7-K ;)

  • Well, I will test some more. Surely you have the problem more likely then me since you didnt update until now. The timing improvements only have been added in this latest build (8.9.7) as I understand

  • Every overlay frame rendering on S912 last longer than frame time. And this value is every frame adding to delay till it crossed the border of next frame. Then it is necessary skip the frame. Optimizing frame rendering timing can remedy this delay on the frames without overlay. To test this frame skipping u can toggle overlay codec info by ctrl-shift-o and see permanent frame skipping.

  • afl1 Recently I have developed an improvement for libhybris and updated libMali to r16p0 from Android Nougat. I did some tests with Krypton and software-decoded videos are much smoother than with r11p0. I haven't included the improvement in my builds yet but you can cherry-pick to Leia:

    curl -sL https://github.com/kszaq/LibreELEC.tv/compare/5882ed8...852f4b8.patch | git am