s905 and s912 Leia builds

  • Any specifics I should pay attention too? (the list of the commits doesn't tell me much)

    no just updated to latest kodi.. don't have time for anything else at the moment..

  • Well,

    with LibreELEC-S905.arm-9.0-Leia-testing-Gendo-06-10-2017.tar/LibreELEC-S912.arm-9.0-Leia-testing-Gendo-06-10-2017.tar,

    two boxes (S905 and S905X) go straight to black screen, instead of Kodi.

    One S912 shows partial GUI without any fonts...

    Could be a skin problem (Aeon NOX and the SiLVO mod)... ?

    The fix is to "update" again to LibreELEC-S905.arm-9.0-Leia-testing-Gendo-03-10-2017.tar...

  • No problem found on my MeCOOL BB2 Pro S912. I'm using Estuary MOD skin and Arial font.

    Not checked on my S905x devices yet.

  • Same for me. Straight to black screen after update.

    EDIT: Rebooted my box and everything works as it should it seems.

    Beelink MiniMXIII II 2GB, 32GB always running latest Libreelec from SD card. No issues so far(except for the ones already known or posted by me).

    Mecool m8s Pro+ which with widevine level 1, Android runs a hacked version of android TV.

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  • Amlogic is currently broken in Kodi master branch (as of d18acce).

    Probably caused by 9c76db5 will upload build with 34885452 - builds in 1st post updated

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  • Thanks for these builds Gendo. Its working perfectly fine with my Nexbox A95x 1GB (s905) and I have both Netflix and Amazon Prime working on it. The Plex addon is not working but thats likely an issue for Plex.

    One question. Do these builds have Retroplayer game support enabled? I've tried the Konami code but it does not activate the game menu.

  • upgraded from 8.1.10 to the latest LE9, so far so good. this is my primary player now so that I could use netflix.

  • dropbox links are working on my end

    Gendo: links are not working...can you check it please? Thanks

    Index of /s905/8.2/device_trees

  • I asked for Gendo builds, not Kszaq's builds.

    Thanks for your reply. But i want to download Gendo builds.

    These are links to device trees which are same for all builds. If you look at these links on first Gendo post they are: "http://kszaq.libreelec.tv/s905/8.2/device_trees/" (they lead to kszaq device trees). Only issue is that kszaq changed them to new location: Index of /s905/8.2/device_trees, so Gendo needs to edit first post.