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    TX3 mini should have working 2.0 audio out-of-box - no need for a USB soundcard unless you're chasing multi-channel support. We have a sponsor for that work now, but due to existing commitments with the sponsor and the implementor it will be a while before it happens.

    G12A/B hardware now has working 2.0 audio and multi-channel should follow (before we see it on GX). I'm refining the config but it should appear in balbes150 images 'soon' ..

    Remotes should work fine as long as you have a keymap configured. Infrared Remotes [] has all the info needed.

    Thanks im testing on an m8s pro w and have no sound out of the box (but usb works fine) will do some more trials on remote once i get home.. Also i cannot see internal storage of box so i must run from sdcard.

    If you need any help with testing let me know. far as I know no progress for internal av port..easiest way around is a still a cheapo 1$/€ sound card. I tried several, but on libreelec and armbian this one does the best job best for me(there is a black 7.1 device also around that price, which is often not recognized properly and wider blocking other ports little more, so blue one is better choice. If you need both usb ports already, take a simple passive 3-port usb hub (cost under 3€) which works perfect on my tx3mini s905w; on x96mini prefer one with a short cable because hubs(2ports on back and one on top ) are too thick and you need to turn box upside down or place something under box to equalize hub..

    thanks usb sound card works fine :)

    Any pointers in getting remote to work??

    [edit] In step 7 you said you select from the SD card, but there's no such file. My understanding is that any dummy .zip file will work, because it's only there to trick the box into rebooting into recovery mode. When I do this, it reboots into recovery mode and I get a message that says "Filesystem corruption has been detected!" and the that's it. Sorry, but this method does not work for my MXIII 1G/8G or 2G/8G boxes.

    exactly same issue here om mxiii 1g/8g older version works fine

    Great work on these images. Is there a way to disable hdmi display? I use a monitor instead of tv and would like to create an event (this i know how to do) so that when screensaver kicks in display is disabled and monitor shutdown and the turn back on when screensaver is deactivated. what i'm missing is command to turn display off.

    That depends if your device is using eMMC or NAND, if it is the latter then it is okay. there is no NAND driver in the LE kernel.

    mine is emmc (i use gxl_p212_1g.dtb) but on reboot it is stuck on logo.. the previous devel version needed to be installed to sd and then install to internal to nand (differnet partition layouts i beleive) installed on SD and works fine.. however i cannot find installtointernal command now!

    yes.. actually check if file loads by executing

    ir-keytable -a /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg -s rc0

    if this gives an error delete comment from file..

    Oh! It's absolutely same remote with same S905X! But codes absolutely different))

    Friend, could you please catch your remote scancodes of OK, UP and DOWN keys in the ssh terminal manner, as in my previouse post? Could you share log of this to compare with mine?

    I hope, it could help me to find a problem... thank you!

    0x8025 KEY_LEFT

    0x8026 KEY_UP

    0x8027 KEY_RIGHT

    0x8028 KEY_DOWN

    0x800d KEY_ENTER

    Thanks for taking the time. I am pretty sure I updated the DTB from Adamg's repo for the upgrade... Anyway I'll take your advice and try that.

    Get the device tree from the image. I had that problem on the Mini TX3 then used the device tree from the image which fixed remote.

    I did a fresh install so maybe not the same issue.

    How do i get device tree from image? have m8s and no remote whatsoever

    yes this build is more updated (kszaq patches) then mine.. will make a pull reques to build inputstream.adaptive as part of build

    GDPR-2 made 2 pull requests on your github repo

    Hi, after the update to newest version (S912) there seems to be something wrong with the addons. Every change in one addon setting, e.g. weather addon, leads to a restart of the TVH addon.

    I had to go back to the version 06-10 for now.

    will upload a build soon (tonight or tom as stuck with slow internet) which should fix this.. can you try and let me know..