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    I asked for Gendo builds, not Kszaq's builds.

    Thanks for your reply. But i want to download Gendo builds.

    These are links to device trees which are same for all builds. If you look at these links on first Gendo post they are: "" (they lead to kszaq device trees). Only issue is that kszaq changed them to new location: Index of /s905/8.2/device_trees, so Gendo needs to edit first post.

    Just let you know, I downloaded and tested your build on a Mini MXIII II (S905x 2G/8G) and it's working properly. I couldn't tell the different between your build and Gendo's build, which is running on a Mini M8S II (also S905x device). As you provided img.gz file, I just decompressed it with 7-zip and copied 6 files (except dtb.img) to the microSD card. Therefore, skin (Estuary MOD v2.7.6), library, addons (tvheadend and Netflix), everything was already there. Not only did I tested video playback, but also Live TV and Netflix.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for checking out! In my build you should have kszaq changes from 8.1.7 build:

    • added SSV6051 driver (still a little bit experimental)
    • improve exFat performance by using kernel module instead of fuse (thanks to escalade)
    • led_sys is now a kernel module (should fix improper LED colour on some devices)
    • cleaned up kernel config a bit
    • added a kernel patch to enable autorepeat for all HID devices (thanks to vevsvpeter)
    • added some button mappings for Xiaomi BT remote (thanks wrxtasy)
    • suspend/sleep can now be enabled if it works for you (howto)

    merged with latest Gendo changes from his thread.

    cobric You should be able to rebase my 8.2 commits on LE master branch. In case of conflicts, you may omit changes in packages/ but I cannot guarantee it'll work. I cannot give you more advice as I don't want to event look at it before Kodi 18.0 alpha is released (would be too much of distraction!).

    Thx kszaq! First of all thank you for answer.

    I already tried multiple things, create patch by git diff official libreelec8-2 branch with yours and then applying that patch to master. I managed to apply it after few modifications but now it won't compile due some patch don't work. No matter, I'll try few more things as I understand that you don't want to look at half finished code from Leia build :)

    If I managed to get it work, I'll update you and push code to my git repo.

    Thx again!

    Hi kszaq!

    First of all, thank you for your build. I'm currently waiting for shipment of my new S905X box - MECOOL M8S Pro Plus and first thing I'm going to do is install your build on internal ROM :)

    One think I'm trying to do is to build latest KODI Leia build (GitHub - LibreELEC/ Just enough OS for KODI) from master branch with patches taken from your repo (libreelec8.2 branch), but this is difficult because much of code is changed between Libreelec 8 and 9. Can you give me some pointers which commits from you are important and must be merged to master branch? I know I must take all /projects/S905/ folder, patched

    /packages/linux/ file to include yours custom Linux kernel, but don't know how much of your other commits are important?

    I'm just focusing on S905 build now, so I just need patches (commits) relevant to that device. I already have mine repository opened on github (gorpet · GitHub) and I have Zidoo box for which I'm build latest Leia android builds, so I'm happy to share mine S905 Leia builds when they are finished.

    If you think that too many of code needs to be changed to have working Leia Libreelec build, please let me know and I'll stop trying and wait

    patiently for your builds :)

    Kind regards