Choosing a S905 / S905X / S905D / S905W / S912 box guide

  • I got an S912 box (Mecool M8S Pro L), which had the video jerk slightly every time a subtitle appeared on the screen (embedded srt subs in an mkv container).

    Aaahhh..... okay.

    After reading several posts and going through a lot of discussions, I was getting the feeling that only Minix U9 should be bought if you go for S912, which amy not true at all but worked for me absolutely fine. The only complaint I have (if I'm really critical) with the power button, being on the same side (and too close) to the USB ports, which I hit unintentionally that ends up with a reboot every time I do that mistake. I'm sure you will be just fine if buying 'another' is an option for you.


  • I don´t believe it.

    My OLED TV is working fine - no subtitle stutter

    I would try another S912 box if it was possible to return it free of charge, but that's not an option as I don't think they are sold locally.

    Nevertheless, did anyone make any visual comparison regarding the image quality between S905X and S912 on HDR sources?

  • Me too, as can be seen in the first thread. Also, the issue not always visible, mostly it occurs in panning scenes when using SRT subtitles for example. It does not occur using PGS afaik.

    If you don't have the issue (or cannot see it for that matter), count yourself lucky ;) once seen it cannot be unseen.

  • Hmm, if using PGS subs is a workaround, I could still go for S912. I have no problems using them, it's easy to create those and remux if needed.

  • Hi,

    I didn't want to create a new thread for my question, but didn't know where to ask you about a specific remote from WeTek.

    First, does anyone know this one? Pro Remote - Shop

    and 2nd, is the remote bluetooth and usable with LibreELEC (including microphone (when kodi leia supports voice) and 3.5mm headphone jack?)

  • Hi Gents,

    Funnily enough wrxtasy thats basically what I have ended up opting for. In addition to what you said below, in Australia at least, the streaming app support situation for anything other than Apple TV and Telstra TV (Roku) is a joke.

    I ended up pulling the trigger on a Mecool M8S Pro (DDR4 version) off ebay from an Australian "ish" seller. The tech specs claimed it included Gbit LAN and I even wrote them to double check. However after flashing and loading up with the device tree including gbit drivers no eth0 was to be found. My question is this: is there some way (bar pulling the lid of the thing - I may decide to return it) to query whether there is in-fact a GMAC chip onboard? I loaded up the 100 Mbit device tree and it seems to be working. My understanding is that that device tree simply enables the S912 onboard ethernet and therefore isn't a conclusive proof that they are telling a fib.

    Otherwise the box is working fantastic. HDMI-CEC, H265 etc are all working a dream. Highly recommended.


    PS already tried lshw, nothing particularly informative came up

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  • Will the 8-bit processing path of S905X affect the "thing" about HDR much - i.e. vivid colours and superior contrast compared to SDR? I've been thinking about getting me a Sony XE9005 which has a true 10-bit display panel but I'd rather wait if the output devices are not up to it. S912 is not an option because of the "stuttering video with subtitles" issue.

    In theory the vividness of colours should not be impacted by the bitdepth, but I did not explicitely test colours because I am busy getting a mostly banding free image from my Vero4k and a flicker/noise free image from my Minix U9. So I did many tests in regards of banding and the result is that with S912 based devices banding is not an issue at all (with the right kernel patch and if the source material is free of banding). With S905X there is some slight banding left which can be recognized if you are using a projector. On a TV screen it is much more harder to be recognized.

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  • So further last, a lot of sellers are claiming gigabit LAN ... M96x ...T95z and so on. They all can’t be wrong?

    I tried the 2gb gig device tree no success. Should I try the other 2 gb gbit options to see if they work?

  • Hi guys, I'm looking for the Best bang for few bucks to run LE. I'm actually using an odroid c2 in my home (absolutely satisfied) and I'd like to get another media center for my parents' house. Problem is, the c2 is quite pricey so I'm looking for a cheap box that works fine almost out of the box. Lurking the forum i found the tap 1 tv box was a good performer for about 30 euro, unfortunately I can't find it (sold out). In the same price pattern, would you suggest a good box with no issue on WiFi? Always 2gigs/16gb as base; I'm wondering if the aml 912 is now a better choice than the 905x.

    Any suggestioni would be highly appreciated. Thx!

  • Hi all.

    I would like to buy a decent mediaplayer to watch HDR4k movies with Atmos/DTS:X. I've read some post here and offical kodi forum, but i don't have a clear vision of what devices are capable.

    Anyone can said me if this MeCOOL M8SPro L is capable of:

    - Libreelec with wifi 5Ghz

    - 4K HDR

    - Auto resolution

    - Auto Dynamic Range

    - Auto Color space

    - HDMI CEC

    - Atmos/DTS:X passtrough.

    - On/off with remote¿?¿


  • I have the MECOOL M8S PRO (but not the L) 3GB DDR4, 16GB eMMC with Android 7.1.

    Installed this community build [] LibreELEC 8.2 for S912 with the relevant Device tree copied to root of SD card.

    Can confirm the following works:

    4K HDR

    Auto resolution

    Auto Dynamic range

    Auto Color Space


    Atmos/DTSX passthrough

    Havent tested wireless as I use Ethernet (however, both my 2.4 and 5ghz show up under "Network".

    Havent tried turning it off with remote (I tend to leave it on)

  • So, basically, among S905X and S912 what would you actually recommend ?

    It seems latest community builds solved all the probs with the latter... But maybe in the long run the 905 family will benefit from major support. Hints and tips anyone?

  • If you can find a S905X with Gigabit you will cover all bases and avoid the possible Subtitles rending problem on the S912.

    Do not watch video with Subtitles or need 720p Netflix with Kodi Leia then get a S912 box with Gigabit Ethernet (1000M) such as a MINIX U9, Tanix TX92 & others.

    Non HDR - then an eMMC, Gigabit equipped ODROID C2 rules the roost - it's a bit faster than the S912 MINIX U9 especially when used with a Bluetooth Xiaomi minimal remote. Great combo. ;)

  • If you can find a S905X with Gigabit you will cover all bases and avoid the possible Subtitles rending problem on the S912.

    Do not watch video with Subtitles or need 720p Netflix with Kodi Leia then get a S912 box with Gigabit Ethernet (1000M) such as a MINIX U9, Tanix TX92 & others.

    I already have a c2 and I'm quite impressed so far, Amazing sbc and good LE performance. I didn't understand what you said about Netflix; why 720p only on Netflix plugin? While subtitles are not an issue for me (didn't use them), Netflix is indeed one of the key feature. Should I understand that FHD Netflix is not available on any box? And in particular, only S912 are able to stream Netflix @ 720p while S905X are not?

    Thanks for the clarifications!

  • S912 are not able to stream EVEN 720p.

    S905x are.

    In LE.

    In Android - it's another topic...

    Thanks, I'll go for an S905x then. The 720p limit in Netflix is due to an immature plugin or there'something related to the hardware or its support (drivers, etc.)?