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    Hi there!

    I'm using v8.2.4 community build for S912, booting from SD card but using internal memory for data. All of a sudden, all of the content of my Video library started to disappear. I rescanned the entire library into database again (using MariaDB on QNAP), and I see it was done successfully. Now that strange part is I can see the 'Recently added movies', 'Unwatched movies' on the Movies home-screen but nothing in the Library, when I go in the Title screen. Nothing in[side] the File section either. But I can play a movie from the Video homepage though. Does anyone know what's going on?

    One thing I noticed that /dev/loop0 is 100% used:

    Is it b'cuz of that? Can anyone put to the right direction pls?


    Guys ive just noticed my U9-H isnt doing any DTS HD MA passthrough, only time it works is when i turn support for it off in kodi

    Mine works just fine but it connected to/through the receiver. I have OLED55C7 but never checked if it supports DTS-HD MA.

    BTW, looks like your sound output through the TV speaker? How do you know it's not doing DTS MA? Where do you see the audio track info when directly connected to the TV?

    Yes, latest tvs have 4k youtube, netflix, amazon but they cannot play uhd bd from your network with HD audio, so I need a 4k box to watch those movies.

    So, play 'uhd bd from network with HD audio' on those box and watch Netflix etc. on the TV - that's exactly what I do. What's the big issue here discussing pages after pages saying this box cannot do Netflix, that box cannot 720p etc. - that was my question.

    What is bd anyway - Blu-ray disk rip?

    i just tried hard wiring my box into my router and it doesn't obtain and ip adress. i made sure under the libreELEC settings i had enable wired and disabled wireless. any ideas?


    I had the same experience with U9 - turns out it cannot do both at the same time and WiFi is enabled by default. for me, I had to boot into Android, disable Wifi from system-settings and then it picked up the IP through wire.


    Thanks for the suggestion but I feel the minix, despite the better heat sink, isn’t worth twice the asking if competitors. Always planned to put some thermal past and if necessary. The m96x or the t95z seem to fit the bill though they aren’t as mainstream as MECOOL

    You get what you pay for (to some extent) :).

    I decided to save myself from spending times on the forum, paying the extra bit on U9. It's worth paying the extra, IMO.

    I got an S912 box (Mecool M8S Pro L), which had the video jerk slightly every time a subtitle appeared on the screen (embedded srt subs in an mkv container).

    Aaahhh..... okay.

    After reading several posts and going through a lot of discussions, I was getting the feeling that only Minix U9 should be bought if you go for S912, which amy not true at all but worked for me absolutely fine. The only complaint I have (if I'm really critical) with the power button, being on the same side (and too close) to the USB ports, which I hit unintentionally that ends up with a reboot every time I do that mistake. I'm sure you will be just fine if buying 'another' is an option for you.


    I'm a bit lost in this thread: Just updated to this version and I see the remote (the original Minix or Harmony Elite) doesn't work any more - is that expected? If yes, any way to fix this? Can anyone help?


    Mainly, trying to figure out which version to use for a better 10-bit 4k playback and any idea how to fix the remote control?


    It is just wrong.

    USB3-Gigabit adapters work fine with S905X boxes. You can get more than 300 Mbps which is more than enough.

    I think what I mean is: 'adapters' itself is not the thing you should be using at all if there are other options available - you only use that when there is no other native option available. You can say it's a different work ethic but the that's in principle. but agree with you that 300 Mbps should be enough but most of the USB adapters fall back to fast-ethernet mode if connected to a USB2 port. I think S905 doesn't have USB3 support?

    This is not only some theoretical advantage for the S912 because I made some side by side comparison between my Vero4K (S905X) and Minix U9 (S912). The Minix U9 shows no banding at all while the S905 shows some slight banding even with the latest debug option from Sam (developer of OSMC used for Vero4K).

    Here you go (for at least one thing)........

    As I mentioned above, I didn't able to compare, but I tested with a number of very high bit-rate 4K video and the U9-H box that I have gives me absolutely 0 issue (including subtitle, HD audio passthrough etc.), so far. I don't believe S509 can do any better than this that hu-man eyes/ears can pick up - JIMO though.

    ....if the Gigabit Ethernet is your concern s905D has a Gigabit Ethernet and you can add usb2 Gigabit Ethernet to any s905x devices.

    I only run LE as a standalone box. I have a very large number of 4k (and 1080p as well) collection with 24/32-bit audio stored on QNAP and an USB gigabit adapter is not the thing you want for this if you don't have USB3 port. I also heard most of the S90x boxes don't have adequate cooling, which can be an issue for high-bitrate content playing. This is my situation and that's the reason for me getting S912 over S90X.


    PS. I had to write hu-man, without the hyphen, we are a 'censored word' :)

    more powerful S912 devices which doesn't have proper GPU driver as i mentioned above and you should avoid it.

    How much does it 'actually' actually matter? I have a S912 (MINIX U9) and although I don't have a S905 device to compare with, I don't think you can get any better than that at the moment. With such a big size of a 4K + HD audio movies (for example), you practically/eventually have to store 'em on external storage to stream. Does it really worth having a better video driver and not gigabit? The total experience will be probably even worse?