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    HOW-TO:Modify dirty regions - Official Kodi Wiki

    0 Off The entire viewport is always rendered.1UnionAll dirty regions are grouped into the smallest possible rectangle. This is typically the fastest mode for slower GPUs due to only making one pass.

    2 Cost reductionEach dirty region is presented separately, in as many passes as there are regions.

    3 Whole ScreenThe entire screen is rendered if there are any dirty regions. This, combined with nofliptimeout is a safe default for drivers that clear buffer contents (manifests as blinking or vibrating images). Default

    So, what's your point exactly? What issue do you have with the interface? Is it too slow? Too fast? Is it flickering? Do the smurfs appear and start dancing all over the interface, making all sorts of dirty regions?

    As i understand from the article:

    The dirty regions setting affects how the interface is rendered. This effects the load on the CPU/GPU and therefore can have an effect (good, bad, not percebtible by the naked eye or anything in between). So it likely most people won't even see much difference when altering these settings, most do not even see the stutter which occurs when using external subtitles!

    It works, the subtitle problem seems to have disappeared. Thank you very much.

    On the other hand, contrary to what was indicated, I did not note any change in the general display of the interface.

    Ok, no problem.

    What do you mean by a change in the general display in the interface? I did not indicate anything about this. Disabling dirty regions does not alter the display of the interface as far as i know. What's currently wrong with your interface?

    I suspect it's an encoding issue (did you create the xml file on a Windows machine in notepad?).

    Use this one and put it in the root of the userdata folder.

    Hello !

    What is "Dirty Regions functionality"?

    I provided you a link in the Coreelec 8.90.1 thread: [8.90.1] CoreELEC for S905/S912 devices

    Did you follow the links in the original post of wrxtasy ? Additional information regarding dirty regions is available there. For your convenience:

    HOW-TO:Modify dirty regions - Official Kodi Wiki


    Working with dirty regions | Kodi | Open Source Home Theater Software

    Awesome!!! Thank you!!! I will test it using an USB stick asap (but Pinki confirmed it's working so i'm sure it will work on my box too :) ).

    Could you also make a fix/update for Kodi Leia? I'm using Leia on the U9 on internal storage, mainly because of the UHD bluray ISO support. Obviously it's still alpha, but everything i need works, with exception of the subtitle stutter. A fix would therefore be much appreciated :)

    Many many thanks once again :)



    It should not matter but did you try set different refresh rate in System settings -> Display? By default it is 60 Hz for my setup. I've changed it to 50 Hz.

    I tried it just to be sure but it makes no difference (i also tried 24 and 23.98 rates). Afaik when using the 'adjust refresh rate on start/stop' option, it does not matter what the refresh rate is of the Kodi interface as it will change according to the content which is being played (hence the option).

    Hi Pinki, this is the exact same issue i'm having, a stutter in panning scenes at the moment (or just before) the subitle appears. Good thing you uploaded a YouTube video, that's probably better then explaining it in text.

    Also, I'm not using the adjustments in the attr, nr2_en and bypass_all files you mentioned (using the echo commands). My player/video settings are the same though.

    Me too, as can be seen in the first thread. Also, the issue not always visible, mostly it occurs in panning scenes when using SRT subtitles for example. It does not occur using PGS afaik.

    If you don't have the issue (or cannot see it for that matter), count yourself lucky ;) once seen it cannot be unseen.

    yatoya: the good news is the issue of not being able to change the color/size of subs is fixed by the manual update. Thanks for that one! :)

    The bad news is the stutter is still there. Somehow it even feels it's gotten a bit worse because now it happens in a panning scene (like the T2 one) every time a subtitle appears on screen (or just before it). At first i had a feeling it didn't happen with all subtitles. Although i must admit this could just be me being paranoia, i've looked into this issue so many times im beginning to see stutters everywhere :P

    I've used a different hdmi cable (from the xbox one x, i assume that one should be ok) but this doesn't help, the stutter is still there.

    EDIT: one more question: I've been wondering if it would help if i switched back (temporarily) to Android instead of LE? I've switched to LE because i don't care about Android (just Kod) and there were some frame rate switching and or color space issues, but i don't remember the details anymore. I mostly wacht 4K/HDR movies, if that works without stutters then it would be fine as a temp solution.

    Hi. I've tried with adjust refresh rate on disabled and sync playback to display on/off. All of these combinations still produce stutter, especially in panning scenes. This is not confined to Terminator 2, it's in all movies when external subtitles are enabled. I just use T2 as a reference movie and the 1h30m mark as a reference scene because the stutter will always occur (multiple times), therefore i can reproduce the issue quite easilly. The stutter will occur throughout the whole movie, in any movie for that matter. To be certain i also tested by rewinding the movie more, for example by starting T2 at the 1h29m mark. In the panning scene at 1h30m the stutter will still occur, it makes no difference.

    I think this is a bug for sure, i saw a post in the Kodi forum from user atilaks mentioning the exact same problem (MINIX NEO U9-H (64-bit Octa Core Amlogic S912-H/ 4K UHD HEVC, HDR, Dolby Audio)).

    wrxtasy replied he cannot reproduce the problem using a minix u9. I'm running LE via internal memory and not an USB stick. This is the only difference i know of between our setups, but i don't see how this should matter.

    One last thing: when i try to adjust the color of the font to grey for example, the subtitles in a movie will always be white. Also adjusting the size has no effect at all. Maybe this is somehow related to the stutter issue? Something wrong with configuration of external subtitles? Any other users experiencing this issue?

    On my x92 box I have this "subtitle micro stutter" on some movies running LE8.9.0.4. To avoid it I turn off Hardware Acceleration for those videos. There is enough juice in S912 to handle software decoding...

    I tried this although i was pretty sure it wouldn't work. It doesn't. My box just crashes on starting a movie to the point i have to unplug the power just to get it to boot again. Perhaps you only use <1080P content? I think you really need hardware acceleration for 4K/HDR content.

    Thanks for the tip anyways, at this point i'm willing to try (almost) anything ;)

    Those who own 60 Hz or kind of 120 Hz false panel can:

    a) turn TVs motion enhancement off and use Method 1 or 2

    b) disable Adjust display refresh rate to match video and sync playback to display in LibreELEC and enable motion enhancement in TV.

    Sometimes they are doing good job and sometimes they can make it worse (soap opera effect).

    Anyway, best results in LibreELEC will be achieved with 50 Hz setting.

    I (think) i have this issue, I'm expierincing a microstutter when subtitles are enabled. Very annoying once you see it, it cannot be unseen :(

    I'm using a Minix u9 withc LE8.9.0.4 on it connected to a Samsung ue75mu8000 which should be a 120Hz panel as seen here. The same issue is also in the LE Kryption release, i've tested this a while back.

    yatoya: I've tested both your methods but the microstutter is still there. As a reference i'm using the Terminator 2 movie in 4K, chapter 9/12, 1h30m mark. In this scene which is shot from a moving car you can see the stutter clearly in the stripes on the road and in the stop sign. The stutter seems to take place at the same moment every time i play this scene, therefore i use it as a reference.

    Does anybody have any other suggestions? Is someone even working on this issue, is it recognised as a bug? I don't see anybody else with a U9 complaining about this, i assume they are all running LE and not Android (i don't want to run Android due to refresh rate and color space issues). Maybe it's just my setup/configuration or most other people don't use subtitles (i'm from Belgium, it's common to use subs here).

    Many thanks in advance.

    Ps. wrxtasy: to me you are an authority regarding the u9, LE and configuration of this setup :) If you don't mind me asking, are you aware with any microstutter issues as detailed above on the u9? Many, many, many thanks :)

    sw4y thanks! Didn't know about that one! I'm using on internal storage, mainly for the UHD bluray ISO support. Therefore i'm only following this thread and the 8.9.x. thread.

    4K/HDR seems to be working good on, apart from a microstutter when using external subtitles. Afaik every 8.x.x. build has this problem, no solution is available.

    I could test the build from wrxtasy using the USB stick. I will try it later. Thanks for the tip! :)


    4K & HDR are really really good on the U9 with Libreelec Build modified by wrxtasy.


    Which build modified by wrxtasy are you referring to? The following community builds are available for AM912 afaik:

    [STABLE] LibreELEC 8.2 (Kodi 17 Krypton) community builds from kszaq:

    LibreELEC 8.2 for S912

    [Pre-alpha] LibreELEC 9.0 (Kodi 18 Leia) community builds from afl1 and adamg:

    LibreELEC 9.x for S905/S905X/S912

    [DISCONTINUED] LibreELEC 8.0 (Kodi 17 Krypton) with drivers for built-in DVB tuners from afl1:

    LibreELEC 8.0 builds for KIII Pro (S912)

    Thanks in advance :)

    Long time reader, first time poster here :) (issues i've had in the past where resolved by searching in the forum ;) ...).

    I've used LE for quite some time now and first of all i would like to thank the whole team and GDPR-2 specifically for building and supporting Leia for S912. Excellent work! Thank you! :thumbup:

    I'm using the u9 and a Samsung ue75mu8000. Everything movie/video related seems to be working great (FHD/UHD in mkv/bluray iso, HDR10, resolution/frame rate switching, color space, etc. etc.), except for one thing:

    Does the S912 still have issues with stuttering when subtitles are displayed and H/W decoding is enabled? S905X has the behaviour the first time a subtitle appears on the screen while watching a video, the subsequent subtitles do not cause it.

    I think i have this issue too on the Minix u9. It's very subtle (microstutter only visible in some scenes) and i think most people don't notice it. However, i do now and cannot unsee it ;)

    There are some topics i found regarding this:

    Dropped frames caused by subtitle rendering

    [BUG] Frame skips caused by forced subtitles

    As far as i can see there is no immediate solution in sight. Is someone even working on this?

    The issue can be resolved by disabling the subtitles. As far is i know there are no dropped frames according to the log (see the attached threads).

    Reproduction: In the 4K UHD/HDR version of Terminator 2 at 1h30m (chapter 9 of 12) the microstutter occurs. You can see it in the lines on the road and in the stop sign passing by.