Choosing a S905 / S905X / S905D / S905W / S912 box guide

  • Amlogic s905x or s912x theoretically support 4K HDR, but not on LibreElec (see here, "4K support is experimental. 3D and HDR are not supported, i.e. they might work but I don't provide support.").

    It is simply not true. 4k HDR is working on LibreElec. Period.

    RPI3 1GB, Z4 RK3368 1GB, MINI MX-G 2GB, Mini M8S II ( 9.2.1), H96 Pro ( 9.2.1), ODORID N2 ( 9.2.1), VIM3 PRO ( 9.2.1), Beelink GT King ( 9.2.1), Denon AVR-X2600H, LG 60SJ810V

  • they might work but I don't provide support.

    It is simply not true. 4k HDR is working on LibreElec. Period.

    Bonus :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::)

  • It is simply not true. 4k HDR is working on LibreElec. Period.

    thank you for the confirmation that 4k HDR works on Libreelec 9.0! (still it is true that I quoted from the dev it develops it correctly)

  • thank you for the confirmation that 4k HDR works on Libreelec 9.0! (still it is true that I quoted from the dev it develops it correctly)

    4k HDR works on LE 8.2 to.

  • Ok, so I've been reading up which box to buy, but I'm a little bit confused.

    So here's what I want the box to support.

    * Libraelec support (obviously :D)

    * 4K

    * HDR ( I have a Sony XE 9005)

    * Auto resfresh rate switching

    * Smooth interface in Kodi

    * Fast Wifi

    From what I've gathered the Minix U9 is shaping up to be a great contender. It seems to have all of the above?

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the U9 och U9H?


  • You really want a Gigabit Ethernet equipped box if intending to playback high bitrate 4K HDR REMUX's that includes lossless audio. 100M Ethernet boxes are going to struggle with getting data into the device across a limited connection.

    And for that the Gigabit Vorke Z6 / Tanix TX92 is great value!

    Just add a Wireless remote !

    Makes for one snappy setup.

    I ended up picking up the Tanix TX92 box on Amazon for $70. Thanks for the input.

  • hello everybody!

    debating between Minix U1 and Odroid C2.

    Prices for Minix has come down a bit, now it's only about $10 difference between C2 (c2+case+wifi+bluetooth+case+psu+16gb emc) and Minix U1.

    Which one to buy for LIBREELEC?


    P.S. 4k not needed. All my TVs are 1080p.

  • I have two Odroid C2's for my other 1080P Tvs and they work great with LE.

  • Are there Amlogic S912 devices that can stream flawless netflix 720p using LE9?

    I know this is possible with AML S905/905X but i have a mecool M8S Pro L and on this box netflix 720 stutters like hell.

    I wanna know if it is maybe possible with another S912 box...

  • Only using CEC?

    What about a regular IR remote?

    Kind of a biggie for me...

    I use harmony remotes and my C2's are behind the TV, but I would imagine it will work. Most all audio/video devices support CEC though.

  • AFAIR with ir remote it is only possible with the original HK remote but maybe i'm wrong.

    LINK: Original C2 Remote

    Have you tried it? Original HK C2 remote works with Libreelec both powering C2 on and off?

    That would be a relief, since I can program that IR signal into my learning remote.

    CEC wouldn't work for me, since I plan using c2 with 30" computer monitor, no CEC there...

  • No sorry nevert tried it as i only use CEC.

    Maybe wrxtasy knows

  • MINIX U1 vs ODROID C2.

    U1 = excellent Wireless A2 lite mini keyboard remote (one of my favorites), AML class leading MIMO, dual antennas AC WiFi, excellent thermal engineering due to a Bloody great big heat sink in a quality hardware case.

    C2 = best HDMI CEC control of all the AML Boxes, still no guarantee it works properly with all TV's / AVR's simply due to manufacturers stuffing about with their own custom CEC tweaks. Honestly you are better off using a Wireless remote anyway for Kodi responsiveness like the MINIX A2 lite remote or the aftermarket Xiaomi Mi Box remote.

    C2 can also be Overclocked safely due to it's nice big heatsink, you can Overclock the CPU, GPU and also the RAM speed. Fastest device in the non HDR AML arsenal when used with eMMC storage and a wireless remote.

    If you want a Wireless remote that can also turn the box OFF / ON using Infra Red buy the MINIX U1. Infra Red has to be used for OFF / ON. It's IR signal is hard coded into the devices boot loader.

    Personally I would just leave these devices on 24/7. They use stuff all power anyway and have good thermal heat disappapation.

    The other option which I use is power the ODROID C2 from a USB > barrel connector power cord, plug that into the TV's USB2/3 port. C2 boots up into LE from eMMC in 9 seconds when TV power is turned on. Not to be used this way if Hard drives are connected to C2. Even WiFi will struggle due simply to WiFi power draw requirements.

    Use a CSR 4.0 Bluetooth USB dongle, a Xiaomi Wireless minimal remote, Overclock and you end up with a snappy setup.

    *** No AML S912 box will do LE software decoding and smooth playback of 720p H264 properly for Netflix due to the relatively slow (vs S905/S905X) hybrid Linux/android GPU drivers used.

    If users have a S912 MECOOL OR MINIX U9 with L1 DRM and HDCP 1.x, dual boot into a unofficial Android TV for 1080p Netflix. That is the only option.

  • WRXTASY, THANK YOU for such detailed answer!

    So I guess I'm out of luck turning C2 on with IR. :(

    Any hardware solution like RemotePi exists for C2?

    (I would buy RPi3+RemotePi, but it struggles with 1080p x.265 ;()

    My setup is somewhat special, I have PC Monitor built into a wall, and all hardware sits behind it, only IR sensor from IR-repeater sticks out.

    Leaving it on 24/7 is not an option, unfortunately. Monitor is always ON, it goes into sleep when the Libreelec device is turned off.

    So for now I'm planning to pull a trigger on Minix U1 (but wanted to go with C2).

    Any other options (budget ~$80-$100)?

    The main requirement - turning the device ON via INFRARED remote.