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    WRXTASY, THANK YOU for such detailed answer!

    So I guess I'm out of luck turning C2 on with IR. :(

    Any hardware solution like RemotePi exists for C2?

    (I would buy RPi3+RemotePi, but it struggles with 1080p x.265 ;()

    My setup is somewhat special, I have PC Monitor built into a wall, and all hardware sits behind it, only IR sensor from IR-repeater sticks out.

    Leaving it on 24/7 is not an option, unfortunately. Monitor is always ON, it goes into sleep when the Libreelec device is turned off.

    So for now I'm planning to pull a trigger on Minix U1 (but wanted to go with C2).

    Any other options (budget ~$80-$100)?

    The main requirement - turning the device ON via INFRARED remote.


    Zero help. But thanks for your input.

    I think that Libreelec is mostly used by people who reuse old hardware.

    If delelopers think otherwise - then this project is already DEAD (or in active process of decaying)...


    With new HTPC I would never go for such a limited system (OS only for KODI),

    WINDOWS+KODI would be the choice!

    Anyway if anybody used USB Ethernet Adapter with x86 libreelec build - I would appreciate your input with specific models successfully used.

    Thank you!

    My folks use Microsoft MCE Remote (with 4 programmable keys - PC sleep/wake, TV on/off, and TV Volume +/-) with MCE IR receiver.

    They had it for more than a decade, since the old XP MCE Days...

    I think it's the best remote for KODI!

    P.S. On my RPi3 I use MS MCE remote/receiver, too.

    The downside is that RPi3 cannot sleep (but that's a RPi3 hardware limitation)...

    Just try to install Libreelec, it takes 5 min, connect it to TV and test.

    8gb ram is an overkill for sure!

    (old Intel Core2Duo 1.6GHz with 1Gb RAM works perfectly!)

    Hello everybody!

    I'm using an old IBM X61t laptop (with removed LCD) for x86 Libreelec via VGA output, everything worked perfectly until built-in ethernet adapter died (power surge).

    It still works, but became only 10mbit, so have to be disabled in BIOS.

    I have two choices for wired-ethernet now:

    1. PCMCIA Gigabit Ethernet Card (I know Netgear and D-Link used to make cheap ones).

    2. USB to 100/1000 Ethernet, but motherboard is only USB 2.0, so it won't be full gigabit speed.

    Anybody can suggest Libreelec-100%compatible wired-1000mbps ethernet adapter (USB or PCMCIA)?

    THANK YOU!!!!

    Thank you for the answers!
    It's a clean install 8.0.1, no settings changed.
    TV HDMI is set to full, tried all three tvs in the house: Sharp, Samsung, LG. Same result.
    HDMI cable is not the issue, tried several.
    Will install Raspbian and see.
    Also will provide debug files later.

    Just bought RPi 3 Model B, and notice color banding (clean 8.0.1 install).
    Is my Pi malfunctioning?
    Last time I saw something like that in the old days, with 15 or 16-bit video-cards.

    P.S. Definitely the issue is related to Pi.
    My 11-year old IBM X61 laptop (i965 GMA950 graphics) doesn't show any color banding (generic x86 LibreElec build).