Raspberry Pi 3 banding issue?

  • Just bought RPi 3 Model B, and notice color banding (clean 8.0.1 install).
    Is my Pi malfunctioning?
    Last time I saw something like that in the old days, with 15 or 16-bit video-cards.

    P.S. Definitely the issue is related to Pi.
    My 11-year old IBM X61 laptop (i965 GMA950 graphics) doesn't show any color banding (generic x86 LibreElec build).

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  • I would try installing Raspbian and see if you have any issues there.
    Also try another HDMI cable.
    Have you changed anything in config.txt or cmdline.txt? If so post them here.

  • Thank you for the answers!
    It's a clean install 8.0.1, no settings changed.
    TV HDMI is set to full, tried all three tvs in the house: Sharp, Samsung, LG. Same result.
    HDMI cable is not the issue, tried several.
    Will install Raspbian and see.
    Also will provide debug files later.