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    You cannot do 4:4:4 10-bit, this will actually go over the 18Gbps limit of HDMI 2.0b. You can either do 4:2:2 10/12-bit or 4:4:4 8-bit.

    I actually have the below HDMI extractor because my Pioneer receiver only supports 1080p and can confirm it will work with full 18Gbps 4k HDR content and DTS-MA/True HD audio. It should support both HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

    I have a Tanix T92 which I setup about 6 months ago with the most recent build from this thread at the time.I flashed LE to the internal memory. Over time I have updated and was using the build most recently. I had no issues for months, then about a month ago my addons were having issues, basically no addons would work unless I rebooted the box multiple times and then at some point they would start working again. So first thing I tried was resetting all Kodi settings back to default which worked for a while, but then the issue came back. At this point I decided to just clean install to the internal flash but I hit a wall. I can not get the box to boot. I tried multiple USB sticks, multiple USB ports and a MicroSD. Originally when I setup the box I used the MicroSD slot and that worked without issues. What happens is it will get stuck on the S912 logo and not go further.

    I have run out of ideas at this point, so looking for some assistance. Thanks.

    I have two Odroid C2's for my other 1080P Tvs and they work great with LE.

    You really want a Gigabit Ethernet equipped box if intending to playback high bitrate 4K HDR REMUX's that includes lossless audio. 100M Ethernet boxes are going to struggle with getting data into the device across a limited connection.

    And for that the Gigabit Vorke Z6 / Tanix TX92 is great value!

    Just add a Wireless remote !

    Makes for one snappy setup.

    I ended up picking up the Tanix TX92 box on Amazon for $70. Thanks for the input.

    I have Beelink GT1 2GB 16GB 1GBIT LAN

    No problems with 4K HDR ~70Mbit from NFS Windows Server, DTS-MA/True-HD downsample passthrough to DTS/DD SPDIF, max temp 54C

    The downsampling of DTS-MA/True-HD is that being done because your gear does not support those formats or because the box cannot output them? I have a decent audio system and would like to stream the highest audio quality possible.