Milhouse Generic builds (OE)

  • I'm running the latest libreElec on my spare Chromebox. What happens if I drop the latest Milhouse generic tar on this box? I am a big Krypton fan but I don't see any point in running another pure OE system.

  • I' on the latest #0403 LE Krypton build, on a RP3, and it seems very, very fast. I had the old Quasar problem related to InputStream, but I fixed it deleting the first URL.

    I also had a small glitch with the skin settings (Estuary). I switched to curial theme in order for it to remember my settings, like custom background and home page items.

    These are small things, and till now I'm very pleased with this very fast LE Krypton build.

    Thank you milhouse.

  • Been attempting to add Index of /builds/master/RPi2/ as a custom path in Leopold's OpenELEC Dev Update addon in order to install latest #0403 LibreElec Krypton build then update directly from Rpi2 as further updates become available via dev update addon. Currently getting following Kodi warning message


    No builds were found for RPi2.arm
    Index of /builds/master/RPi2/
    Please check the URL

    extract from \\\Userdata\addon_data\script.openelec.devupdate\settings.xml

    RPi4, (LibreELEC 10.0 Nightlies) hdmi0 -> Philips 55PUS7304 4K TV, hdmi1 -> Onkyo TX-SR608 AV Receiver

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  • I'd be rather disappointed if it didn't work.

    My Krypton LE builds are here: Index of /builds/master/

    I'd be jumping back and forth between OE and LE without any problems the past 3 days. Kudos!

    I wanted to check out LE but since I am running Eminence (Krypton Mod) I had to revert back to #401 due to LE running on Jarvis and any build above 401 breaking the skin due to the "include name=" to "include definition=" change for all skins. I updated all the .xml files for Eminence 2.0 (Krypton) and will test if builds above OE401 will work. Is there any chance we get LE Krypton builds or there are and I just missed them?

    Also while testing the latest LE build I noticed differences in the CEC key mapping between OE and LE, e.g. the "Exit" button on my Samsung TV remote in OE builds is mapped to "Remove from library" while it does nothing in LE. Although this could again be related to the Eminence skin maybe?

    Finally there was no Estuary skin in LE after updating from OE401, only Confluence, Box and Eminence, which didn't work and caused a lot of reboots.

    Very much looking forward to seeing how LE is shaping up!

    Have: RPI1 (KANO), RPI2 (RETRO), RPI3 (KODI)
    Want: RPI-HEVC

  • Official LE releases are based on Kodi 16 which might be the reason you're not seeing Estuary (a Kodi 17 only skin).

    Unofficial LE8/Krypton/Kodi 17 builds are here: Index of /builds/master/

    They're broadly similar to the OE8/Kodi 17 builds I release on the Kodi forum.

    I'm not aware of any CEC change that would explain the change to your key mapping.

  • Is this what i fill in in the dev addon

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  • Am I right in thinking you can add millhouses builds as a custom path in dev update?
    I've been trying to install dev update and nothing installs or have I got it totally wrong

  • Am I right in thinking you can add millhouses builds as a custom path in dev update?
    I've been trying to install dev update and nothing installs or have I got it totally wrong

    Devupdate addon doesn't work also for me with librelec custom source

    No builds were found for Generic X86_64

    Probably it search for oe filename

    Put manually the tar file in update folder

  • Don't Have a clue what's up with mine then as I can't even install it from his repo
    Actually can't install anything from leopolds repo

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  • Wait are you already using libreelec ? If yes maybe it's only not compatible with libre

    I manually update to libreelec without using leopold addon

  • Just copied the Milhouse generic build in the .update directory and start the RPi the tar file will be running
    Why it is not working with the Dev addon is a riddle for me