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    I' on the latest #0403 LE Krypton build, on a RP3, and it seems very, very fast. I had the old Quasar problem related to InputStream, but I fixed it deleting the first URL.

    I also had a small glitch with the skin settings (Estuary). I switched to curial theme in order for it to remember my settings, like custom background and home page items.

    These are small things, and till now I'm very pleased with this very fast LE Krypton build.

    Thank you milhouse.

    First of all hello community and thank you for this fast new ELEC.

    Small problem/question:

    I have a HifiberryDigi + board installed on the RP3 that works on OE. I tried manually configuring it on a fresh install of LE and it didn't even show on the audio settings. Funny thing is that I got it working by first installing OE, configuring the Hifiberry and then upgrading to LE with the .tar file.

    I'd like to know why I needed this workaround.