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    Librelec dev updater does not work anymore.

    So did a fresh install but when loading i got the error on screen libreelec dev updater error.

    It seem that some files are missing.

    So many repo's that you couldn't know which one to use.
    Perhaps it is a good idea to clean up the whole repo structure and that we be advised what should be a good repo.
    Now i see parts that you install and then not work have to see into he log , and then you are not one penny wiser.
    Example try to find another mp3 player then the standard one , where to look ,or mp3 stream you want to downlod the track but again it does not work an trough the log file you see Chinese but an solution no way
    Try to read my Gmail , don’t get any email on the screen and then try to figure out how you can reach the developer.
    If I take a look into SRP or XBmc then there is so much build in that you get lost .
    So if possible LibreElec should perhaps advice an repo what is reasonable standard :huh:

    Under OE on an Usb stick I have a subdir Omnik, in this I have a script that read the results of my solar panels an send them to

    This is done bij crontab
    In OpenElec no problem.
    But in LibreElec it works one day and then suddently the other not , can then not find the crontab file and while the Us stick is reachable and therefore also the dir Omnik
    but with the crontab - e I got an empty crontab
    With the ssh command i get by openElec in the dit OpenElec but with LibreElec not in LibreElec but something else.

    Why it suddenntly not works is a riddle to me

    Have installed the Leopold dev update , so every day i got a message if i want to upload .

    Is this what i fill in in the dev addon

    Once official alpha/beta builds start they will be versioned and the auto-update system can be used to flag new builds. If you're using Leopold's updater add-on the temp fix is to scrape Index of /builds/stable/ where he's posting things. Official builds should be along soon-ish :)

    Tried to do it that way , but I ended with a 404 error
    so work arround ssh copy the milhouse file to .update and stat again
    But what i find strange is that in the Milhous openelec version Kodi is 17 while in Milhouse LibreElec it is 16.
    For as i can see on a short time everything works