No PVR addons

  • I'm running 7.01 on an Rpi2 and everything is great.. except there appear to be no PVR addons.

    I can't enable PVR as it says no addons are found.. In the Addons section, there is no PVR section.. no disabled addons section.. no nothing..

    I'm thoroughly confused :(

  • TVH server is under:

    System->Addons->Install from repository->All repositories->Services->Tvheadend 4.2

    The PVR client is under:

    System->Addons->Install from repository->All repositories->PVR Clients->Tvheadend HTSP Client

  • Go to:

    System --> Add-ons --> Install from repository --> LibreELEC Add-ons --> PVR clients

    Your installed addons will be available at:

    System --> Add-ons --> My add-ons

    Seems you are still used to Kodi Helix

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  • Thank you!

  • Until monday I'm away from LE devices and KODI 17 with the new skin "estuary" is to new to have it visually in my mind (I have screenshots but I'm missing the steps). Anyhow look for "Install from repository" and "LibreELEC Add-ons" after you enter the add-on menu and I think and a small icon displaying a box with an arrow above showing down.

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  • In Krypton Beta builds there are none ..have to wait till it is a full release

    That statement is incorrect. Krypton builds have all the same PVR add-ons compiled and maintained in the repo. I'm the authoritative source on that information .. because I'm the current repo maintainer.

    NB: You won't see add-ons for Amlogic builds on 7.0.x because those builds are not official and providing add-ons for them is up to the people who provided the builds.

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  • Ohhh I see what you are saying the Rpi will have PVR add-ons but any of the device's that were android that we wrote LE to will not

    Thanks for the clarification