Crash on Splash screen [with log file]

  • Hi everyone.

    So for the last few weeks, Kodi locks on the splash screen after the LibreElec loader on boot.

    I'm on a raspberry Pi 3.

    I have limited knowledge of this but managed to tunnel in and get a log file but it means nothing to me.

    Any help on why it won't go past splash screen welcome.

    I've tried applying an 8.0.1 update again and still it crashes.

    Only way round is to wipe SD card and keep installing my build.
    It works until it switches off again and then just 'hangs'.

    Same build had been fine for months.


    Question: Based on my log file, do you have a line of code I can use in SSH that could fix the issue as that's my only means of communicating with the Pi currently?

    Link to log file: GhOO

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  • Noticing your installed repositories...

    We are not supporting Kodi boxes with several banned repositories installed.
    Either present your problem with a clean Kodi setup, or you're on your own.
    For now, support stops here.

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