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    In previous versions of Kodi the "View options" applied to the area you are in. I.E.: library, source etc.

    In L.E. 10/Kodi 19 the "View options" seem to be universal. If I change the view to "Wall"/"Watched" in the TV Shows view that also changes the source view and every other view. Thing is I am used to going to the Library and seeing only Unwatched then going to the Source and seeing All. The menu button displays different options. Minor thing.

    Is this intended behavior, some setting I can't find, known issue etc?

    Is this a "bug" that needs reporting?

    Kodi 19.0.0 Matrix

    RPi 4B 1gb/PC

    L.E. 9.95.1 (10.0 beta1)

    Windows 10 32bit

    Estuary skin

    I seem to be the only one, so it must be something really simple.

    I just upgraded my RPi 4b 1 gb tO LE9.95.1 Via fresh install.

    Problem: When I try to login to a addon by email the onscreen keyboard does not include a @ at all, the alternate keyboard has a bunch of special character, maybe Greek?

    All of my settings are for English,USA. keyboard is set to us in LE settings. Tried uk with same result.

    Any advice?

    In my case it is my TV. It was "HD ready" not "HD". Very early in the US changeover. No CEC, no overscan, just aspect; the tuner defaults to analog, there is no "." on the remote; I have to go to the analog number then push the channel up to get the digitals.

    This case is definitely not the cable. Ubuntu works, rpi OS works. No jittering, no lines. Works great with the modded config until I upgraded to LE 10 and it got overwritten.

    I will try the cmdline tomorrow AM. I am not ignoring you, I was doing stuff while you were typing.

    I have run out of time today.

    What I did was go back to the original config.txt including distroconfig. Then started commenting one line at a time. Turned out that commenting "disable_fw_kms_setup=1".

    I have switched over to the Pi3b for the night.

    I have a BRAND new Micro HDMI adapter. Got it yesterday before whining here.

    Now it works except for Kodi keeps crashing. might have a connection. Thanks for the help.

    Upon another hour of experimentation it seems that the culprit is:


    Since you told me my parameters have no effect in LE10 I tried rebooting with one line commented 10 times. My new, working config.txt is:



    hdmi_ignore_cec=1 #comment this if yours has CEC






    LE 10 LE on RPI 4B 1 gb. On installation the screen gets to the LE splash then goes black, seems to have crashed, but the USB is flashing. This is with a 2006 Polaroid 42 inch TV that does not have CEC or overscan, only choices for aspect.

    My solution is to modify the Config.txt to:














    Note that "include distroconfig" is deleted. Then adjusting the screen calibration in Kodi.

    Later today I will try to make a custom EDID. I think I tried that last year, to no avail.

    I have been advised that the parameters involved have no effect in LE10. But it works.

    I have been advised to file a bug report with logs included. How can I make logs if I can't get to Kodi?