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    If you consider the environment i'm in...

    I have 1 4k HDR TV, but 2 non 4K HDR Tv's.

    the 4K Tv has a Vero 4K with OSMC.. full HDR support.. but the other 2 TV's are running Odroid C2's with LibreElec.

    rather than keeping multiple copies of my media, i'd rather have 1.. So my question (i believe) still stands.

    So with the 8.2.1 on an Odroid C2 i'm getting double clicks when using my Tv remote via HDMI-CEC.. but a reboot fixes them.

    I have 2 Odroids on 2 different TV's.. this is only happening on one of them. and it's a Toshiba TV

    I've checked that LIRC is set to off in the LibreElec settings..

    It's definitely not the built in remote sensor as that's completely disabled... (and it wouldn't stop working after a reboot)..

    I'm not really sure what's going on and i'm having a hard time figuring out what causes it..

    any suggestions?

    Note : This has only started happening since 8.2.1 and my use of the device and Tv have not changed.

    My apologies (must have had it on the brain!)

    Turning off lirc appeared to resolve my issue with the remote, ill do some reading on the SMB from your link, thanks again :)

    It doesn't appear to have resovled the issue for me.. it's weird.. i can't track down exactly when the problem occurs..

    i think it's when i switch inputs on the TV and then go back to the input for LibreElec.. but it doesn't do it all the time..

    I've checked and LIRC is off still.. i have to reboot to get it to behave again.

    We compiled it, and for playback everything works very nice after recent changes, but if you scroll about in a Library view (as users do) it eventually goes OOM and a power pull is needed to restart the box. Rinse/repeat until something corrupts and you need to reinstall. That's not acceptable in our definition of beta so we chose not to release it.

    If you want to self-build just clone or checkout the libreelec-8.0 branch and crack on.

    Cheers, i don't do a huge amount of library browsing so i may not notice it.. so

    git checkout 7.95.1

    will do the job?

    danmed see the Hardkernel C2 forums for a community build:

    ODROID Forum • View forum - ODROID-C2

    Thanks for the pointer.. i can see Raybuntu's build is there. .I need to recompile with some CEC patches though.. do i just follow the same guide as libreelec but git clone his repo instead?

    OK, so now it's out and i note that it' not available for the Odroid C2 yet.. there's nothing stopping me compiling it for the Odroid_C2 myself is there in the the normal way?

    I mean the stuff is there, you guys just havn't compiled it.. am I correct?

    With 7.90.008 i had to compile it from github and add in a patch file to get the CEC options to change the delay / repeat options.

    With 7.90.009 the patches are not working.. I assume this is because of the jump to libcec 4.

    My problem is that I have very little understanding of github and where to get the latest patch file from. I was provided with a newer patch file by someone on another forum, however it also doesn't work... I've had a look through the patch file and i can see the changes it's making, however i've no clue why it's not working when i compile using it.

    I've attached the patch file as a txt to this post (rename to .patch).. if anyone can help me i'd really appreciate it.. Without these patches, Kodi is basically unusable on my Panasonic TV

    (and before anyone chimes in with the old "It's the lirc.. turn it off.." no it's not.. it is off.. it's this TV and it NEEDS these settings to avoid repeat key presses)
    Hang fire.. i may have been an idiot and had the patch file in the wrong location.... :blush:
    So, cosmetically atleast, it turns out that if you put the patch file in the right place, then it works :)

    I wont be 100% sure it's actually worked until i get home, but it seems promising

    If you just build from master then no, you won't have to rebuild the full image

    if you checkout the next version via git checkout 7.90.009 then you will have to compile the entire image again.

    OK, that makes sense.. thank you.

    I have successfully compiled 7.90.008 with a patch i wanted and all works great.. my question now is, what do i do the next time you guys release?

    My mind says, delete the ~/ folder and start the instructions again from scratch.. but is there a quicker way so i don't have to go through the 7 hours of compiling again?

    if not, that's cool.. i just want to make sure i'm not creating work for myself.

    basically, when 7.90.009 comes out.. at what point in this guide do i need to start at? Compile - LibreELEC