VPN Manager for OpenVPN

  • Thanks, I've pushed the latest update with the new certificate in. If this still doesn't work for you (which I suspect will be the case) then you need to follow the troubleshooting guide on the wiki and run one of their ovpn files via the command line and take up the results with their support team (or your OS provider)

  • Hello, I did all the vpn configuration and I receive the information that I am successfully connected

    my question is: will all my connections be protected by vpn? Mainly the services of SickPotatoHead (specifically Transmission)?

  • Current latest Dec 2020 6.9.3 pre-release build for Matrix, can be found in GitHub Here

    Note: You will need to download and install add-on manually.

    I have earlier Nov 2020 pre-release 6.9.1, which has been working fine for me on rpi4 with 9.80 nightly builds.

  • Hi,

    Would really appreciate if someone could help me or direct my to fix my problem. Well simple as that cannot establish a real connection. Real because the VPN Monitor shows that I'm connected to Frankfurt but in reality I'm still connected with my original IP network in Austria. How can I prove it rather simple due to geoblocking the addon ZDF will work only in Germany and the ORFthek in Austria. It's the same problem with my two platforms Intel Nuc running WIN10 and Raspberry PI4 on Libreelec. Having also tried two VPN providers Private Tunnel (based on OpenVPN) und PureVPN also based on OpenVPN ... no difference.

    In a nutshell:

    - Addon pretends to work

    - VPN Monitor shows connect to Frankfurt

    - no Addon's excluded

    - Still connected to the original network (so it seems)


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    Thanks, ojessie

    Edit: Sorry guys ... now I'm totally confused. Tried different ZDF addon and this on ZDF 2016 is working also without VPN. Anyhow is there any possibility to check if the VPN connection for a dedicated addon is working?

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  • Sorry didn't get your point.

    I'm living in Austria and very often information from ZDF Mediathek app is blocked due to geo-blocking. As mentioned first I installed the ZDF and 3SAT addon (didn't know that these apps are not working ... at least for me) and obviously they didn't work. In my mind due to geo-blocking. The obvious so close I installed your app with dedicated VPN links for addons. And also with your VPN the above mentioned apps weren't working because they have a general problem ... again which I wasn't aware off. The rest is the story above.

    Excuse me, would like to repeat my question from above: How do you check if a VPN link is really working or is it dead certain if the VPN Monitor shows the the configured VPN Link established that all traffic from the specified app is using this link.

  • Let's be clear about how this works. Feel free to check out the source code, it's on Github.

    VPN Mgr uses a third party API to determine the success of the connectivity, and where that third party API thinks the IP address is located. You're shown this information on the screen so you know whether the connection has worked or not. The addon does not make up this information or pretend to be "at a location" it's not. You can turn on debug and see this call being traced.

    VPN Mgr is 'just' calling openvpn. The log is available for you to view of this interaction. The modification of the routing tables, along with the DNS happens as a result of what's in the ovpn files THAT YOU PROVIDED, and the VPN providers THAT YOU'RE CHOOSING TO USE. If you don't like the way that the routing tables have been modified, or the way the traffic flows, then that's up to you/your provider to fix.

    VPN Mgr can change or disable the connection based on the addon currently in use. You're supplying the connections. It's up to you to define the filtering to determine the active connection based on addon (go read the wiki page if you don't understand how to do this). What VPN Mgr does not do is try to route traffic based on the addon in use. You can determine the active connection in the GUI or by using the command line and viewing the running openvpn task.

    If an third-party geo locked addon does not work because of the connections THAT YOU PROVIDED, then that's because the service you're trying to use with that addon is very very likely doing something more sophisticated than just looking at your location to achieve geolocking. Feel free to take this up with your VPN provider, or the service you're trying to access.

  • Thanks for the explanation.

    Highly appreciate.

    Just to be clear. My comments or searching for help was never ever an offense. I highly appreciate your contributions and work and particular your app.

    As mentioned I got confused by the, most likely, outdated addons like ZDF and 3Sat. In the meantime VPN Manager is working on both devices Pi4 and NUC.

    Both of my VPN providers are not very stable. From time to time the one connects me to Alaska when I would like to establish a connection to Germany and the other one is a kind of on off.

    Based on your experience can you recommend a VPN provider with a fair price / performance?


  • well, after some reading of different tests and feedback I've chosen NordVPN.

    I don't know if I did something wrong but the automatic setup didn't work for me. The manual import of selected servers (there server list is more than hundreds) is working.


  • Might be an easy one...

    I've got the add on working great except for one problem. I'm trying to deep link to an add on stream from a kodi homescreen widget. I need the vpn to pause for the link to open. I can set the entire add on to pause the vpn when launched any issue, but linking to a stream within the add on I can't get to work.

    I'm running aura mod and it's the iPlayer addon.

    Alternatively, as a workaround, I'd be happy to manually trigger the vpn to pause - but i can't see any easy shortcut to make this happen. Is there a quick launch,widget or shortcut I could use?

  • You can't do what you want as VPN Mgr has no idea what's going on until it's too late and the stream has started.

    You can set up a button on the remote to switch the VPN connection. If you have one connection then it'll cycle between enabled and disabled. If you have multiple connections it'll move through them. If you wanted a dedicated enable/disable, then you could map a button to a VPN Mgr API call but that might need you to do some low level stuff to make that work.