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    Hello, I did all the vpn configuration and I receive the information that I am successfully connected

    my question is: will all my connections be protected by vpn? Mainly the services of SickPotatoHead (specifically Transmission)?

    I'm not sure if I understand your question.

    What do you mean with read?

    The HDR files play on any version of Kodi.

    On the Minix Neo U9-H with kszaq [] LibreELEC 8.2 for S912 they play also in correct color spaces.

    My doubt was the same as yours!

    Find a tv box that plays 4k hdr movies. Because I also have a C2 Odroid and it is not recognized by the HDR.

    I'm in the same dilemma as you! Were you able to run libreelec on this tv box and did kodi read the HDR?