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    Is brZJbX4nL81tkt4JrJ***** really your userID? You need to enter the user ID you use when you logon to the Nord website. The API goes off and fetches the ID you need to log on then.

    Ohhhhhh Jesus Christ ... I'm so stupid... Thank you very much!!! I used the login credentials for the NordVPN app. I thought web is web and VPN is VPN ...

    Once again sorry for bothering you and thank you for your support!!!

    Good news first: When manually imported than NordVPN is working. Besides the disadvantage what you mentioned is that with the manual import you see only the *.vopn files and you can only the guess the country but have no glue about the city for instance:

    As mentioned using the build-in function I cannot connect to NordVPN.

    VPN Mgm. NordVPN -

    I think it's optimistic to expect anything without a log, with debug enabled just for the add-on (as per the trouble shooting on the wiki).

    Do you have non-English characters in your user ID or password?

    Sorry will provide within the next hours ... and thanks for helping. No I'm not having any special characters in my user ID or password.

    You should use the built in definitions as they’re dynamically retrieved from nord using their API. They seem to change their servers pretty often


    Just switched to Kodi Matrix on Windows. Although nativ supported I cannot connect to NORDVPN. I'm getting always kind of "please check user / password. But User and password are correct.

    Would appreciate any help or hint what to do. By the way it didn't work on Leia either but I lived with the manual import of the definitions. As I'm doing a clean installation of Kodi Matrix thought it would be good to follow your recommendation and run a nativ set-up of NordVPN on your app.

    So if you have any time left looking into it ... would be great.


    got you. I'm having exactly the same set-up as you. As mentioned the remote works perfectly. The only thing what I'd like to adopt is that when pressing the arrow button up or down in Live TV mode that the TV channel shouldn't change but bring up the OSD and within the OSD you can move with up and down through the TV channels seeing whats on air on the different channels and just by pressing the button OK you switch to the selected channel.

    As mentioned in the beginning this is the behaviour of two (out of three) Kodis. This is what I'd like to get on the Kodi with the Harmony.

    Da Flex, thanks for helping me. But this is pointing me in the wrong direction.

    I've to confess that I'm not a developer. Grew up with DOS and try to find my way into Linux ... which is tough. So please consider my answers under this aspect.

    What I understand is that rc_maps.cfg is "just" pointing Libreelec to the Remote config file in this description it's a NEC Remote. Checked both PI4 installation the Harmony is not having any remote config files it seems it's working out of the box. The other one I had to configure the remote and in this case I'm having a config file in /storage/.config/rc_keymaps/.

    Is there a "simple" way to configure the "translater" between the remote config file like mecool (the example for NEC) and the Libreelec commands. What I believe is that there should be a translation between the different remote controls and the real Libreelec commands.

    PS.: Can you explain why we should switch off the CEC? Because in my case it makes no difference.

    Hi guys,

    I know another thread with Harmony, but believe it I've read all the threads here and on Kodi, at least this is what I believe ;) . Sorry for the rather long introduction but I think it's important to understand my settings and what I already did. And it's not "the" problem it's just that I'd like to understand the cause and how to fix it:

    I'm running 3 Kodi installations. One on WIN10 based on NUC and two Libreelec based on Raspberry PI4. All of them having the same set-up. eg. Addons, Skin, etc. etc. The only difference are the Remotes. Win10 is controlled by an Bluetooth Airmouse , one Libreelec by an ordinary IR Remote and the other one by a Harmony HUB / Remote.

    The PI4s are equipped with this remote board (which works excellent)

    RemotePi Board for Pi 4 – MSL Digital Solutions

    and this is the ordinary remote

    Remote – MSL Digital Solutions

    What drives me nuts is the following symptom:

    In Live TV mode on the "Harmony Pi4" the arrows up and down switching the TV channels accordingly as it should be according to Keyboard controls - Official Kodi Wiki

    On the two others the "arrow up" brings up the OSD and on the OSD you can move through the TV channels getting the info what's currently on air without switching to the channel. Just by pressing the OK button than it switches to the selected channel.

    Although this is not the standard, but this would be my prefered setting. Because just zapping through the channels is rather cumbersome due to the delay on the VU+ PVR and the resync on start on Kodi.

    As mentioned not the biggest problem but if someone could point me to the right direction or even has an idea how to fix it, I would highly appreciate.


    well, after some reading of different tests and feedback I've chosen NordVPN.

    I don't know if I did something wrong but the automatic setup didn't work for me. The manual import of selected servers (there server list is more than hundreds) is working.


    Thanks for the explanation.

    Highly appreciate.

    Just to be clear. My comments or searching for help was never ever an offense. I highly appreciate your contributions and work and particular your app.

    As mentioned I got confused by the, most likely, outdated addons like ZDF and 3Sat. In the meantime VPN Manager is working on both devices Pi4 and NUC.

    Both of my VPN providers are not very stable. From time to time the one connects me to Alaska when I would like to establish a connection to Germany and the other one is a kind of on off.

    Based on your experience can you recommend a VPN provider with a fair price / performance?


    Sorry didn't get your point.

    I'm living in Austria and very often information from ZDF Mediathek app is blocked due to geo-blocking. As mentioned first I installed the ZDF and 3SAT addon (didn't know that these apps are not working ... at least for me) and obviously they didn't work. In my mind due to geo-blocking. The obvious so close I installed your app with dedicated VPN links for addons. And also with your VPN the above mentioned apps weren't working because they have a general problem ... again which I wasn't aware off. The rest is the story above.

    Excuse me, would like to repeat my question from above: How do you check if a VPN link is really working or is it dead certain if the VPN Monitor shows the the configured VPN Link established that all traffic from the specified app is using this link.


    Would really appreciate if someone could help me or direct my to fix my problem. Well simple as that cannot establish a real connection. Real because the VPN Monitor shows that I'm connected to Frankfurt but in reality I'm still connected with my original IP network in Austria. How can I prove it rather simple due to geoblocking the addon ZDF will work only in Germany and the ORFthek in Austria. It's the same problem with my two platforms Intel Nuc running WIN10 and Raspberry PI4 on Libreelec. Having also tried two VPN providers Private Tunnel (based on OpenVPN) und PureVPN also based on OpenVPN ... no difference.

    In a nutshell:

    - Addon pretends to work

    - VPN Monitor shows connect to Frankfurt

    - no Addon's excluded

    - Still connected to the original network (so it seems)


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    Thanks, ojessie

    Edit: Sorry guys ... now I'm totally confused. Tried different ZDF addon and this on ZDF 2016 is working also without VPN. Anyhow is there any possibility to check if the VPN connection for a dedicated addon is working?

    Has that worked in older versions of libreelec? I read your thread title as 'This is a new problem with 7.95.3', but maybe I've misunderstood.

    What happens when you try to use it (nothing?)?

    No, this is my first attempt with libreelec. I did a clean install with the current beta 7.95.3 and since then I'm fighting ;) with it.

    Thanks for your support it's really highly appreciated. I got it to work ... at least the majority of keys by installing at the Harmony a different MCE Remote. Thanks for this hint. From that on I'll continue to fine tune the remote.


    The guide is for amlogic devices - there's no amremote on your nuc so it won't work.

    What remote (device) are you using with your Harmony?

    MCE which worked perfect on my NUC when I had Win10 installed

    PS: Could you please point me to a guide where I could get my MCE configured for libreelec?

    Thanks for your answer ... appreciate!
    I'm having an Intel NUC i5 with integrated IR receiver and I'm not having a physical remote. But I can configure (all) remotes with my Harmony Elite. I'm not a dev but I think as long as I'm having the right pairing on my libreelec and Harmony it should work.
    I know that there is a "working" NUC Remote on Harmony but this has very limited functionality.

    PS.: I already checked your guide but I'm getting an error message on putty when running the command "remotecfg/storage/.config/testremote.conf ... "-sh: remotecfg: not found"