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    The answer is yes. The way to do this is harder to tell because I am not familiar with Adguard VPN and I assume it will modify the routing and DNS of your device. Basically it is about starting the PiHole service and redirecting all DNS requests to it.

    But it will be possible to connect like game console or RPi to this VPN or all network devices need to be connected? I dunno how it works...

    Hi, i have bought AdGuard VPN and i have a raspberry Pi4 with libreelec system. Is it possible to run this VPN using Pi-Hole addon for libreelec? And if yes please (if its possible) send me some "step by step" instruction how to do it. Im kinda newbie in this softwares.

    So... I dont have a lot of movies in 4k with HDR and Atmos but... every dolby atmos sample is working greate! Two movies with HDR and atmos working also greate so FINALLY im very happy of raspberry pi ;-) unfortunately vpn manager and transmission addons dont work so im still looking forward ;-)

    Please do a fresh install with the latest nightly on a separate card and then update with the tar in this thread - upgrading from 9.2 is not supported.

    so long,


    So i should install 9.80 newest nightly on my SD card, then update with tar file from this theread?

    Any FAQ how to install nightly? With libreelec SD creator?

    HEVC has been working for months (H264 is/was the hold-up). 4K is working now (not 4K60, but that's will be along eventually). HDR is complicated but will come. Upstreaming will take time.. but getting it all working comes first. We aren't going to do a formal Pi release for LE10 out of an abundance of caution (we have hundreds of thousands of Pi users) but things are moving along nicely..

    So movies in 4k works, HDR not working but dolby atmos works on newest nightly?

    Fr33z3be Sorry, forgot to add the line to tell the ovpn where to get the password from....fixed, go pick up the updated defs I've just pushed, you don't need to move to a new level of code, you're fine where you are.

    rav3k I've just checked the ovpn file you shared with me with the ovpn file in the log, and they're virtually identical (and don't differ in any way that causes an auth failure). Your next thing to try is to take the ovpn and use the User Defined wizard with the same id/password. Right now this just looks like an auth failure to me - do Windscribe expect you to use a different id/pass when using ovpn files? I can't remember.

    Alister The errors are the parameters being pushed back from your provider, and the program to update the IP table not updating the IP table (maybe because it's already updated, maybe because of a permission issue). It looks like it connects ok though. Why do you think this isn't working?

    I've made a user defined import wizard. Not working. I've downloaded connection config to warsaw udp.ovpn and sellected it, it ask me to enter cert password, ive entered my password - auth_failed. O M G. My password is 100% good.

    rav3k can you edit /storage/.kodi/addons/service.vpn.manager/Windscribe/Poland (UDP).ovpn and change the remote line to :

    remote 443

    Then try reconnecting.

    Ive made the changes in poland (udp).ovpn but still cant connect.

    Thanks rav3k, I've made an update, you should get notified in the addon to pick it up.

    Thanks for your trying but again i cant connect...

    giggi_80 Cyberghost supplied the config files, e.g this commit Remove parameters from locations file by cristianaghe · Pull Request #51 · Zomboided/service.vpn.manager.providers · GitHub

    If there's a problem with them, then the issue lies with their support to solve. You have a great question though, I don't know why it's so difficult for them to describe how their service works. Alternatively, you could look at how the router is being set up, what parameters are being used and make your own ovpn file and then suck it into VPN Mgr using the User Defined wizard. Requires some effort/knowledge though for sure.

    rav3k I'd need to see an example ovpn file from the Windscribe website here so I can compare with their latest. PM it to me.

    I've send you a PM.

    Hi, i cant connect to my windscribe account with VPN manager. It says "auth-failiture" but i've checked several times and im sure that my login and password are correct. Any idea how to solve that problem? Libreelec 9.2.6 and VPN manager 6.3.7