[SOLVED] Building MakeMkv within LE

  • Hey,

    i`ve tried to compile and integrate makemkv into my own build of latest LE master, however it seems like it doesn`t work anymore.

    Some months ago I`ve set it up successfully this way within OE without any problems. Seems like build process has been changed in the meantime or there is a difference between OE and LE.

    I basically followed this guide:
    www.makemkv.com • View topic - Howto: Create working OE-BluRay player

    When trying to run "scripts/create_addon makemkv" I get the following error:


    scripts/create_addon makemkv
    Error - packages with multiple urls are no longer supported, use mkpkg
    http://.makemkv.com/download/makemkv-oss-1.9.10.tar.gz makemkv-bin-1.9.10.tar.gz

    I know that makemkv is not in unofficial repos anymore so I`ve checked out an older commit to get it back. And I also know that this is the OE(!) unofficiall repo but I think for this purpose it should work in LE too ?

    I`ve also tried to build makemkv directly without LE`s create-addon script (with make) like described in their forum (www.makemkv.com • View topic - MakeMKV 1.10.5 for Linux is available) and copied over the compiled libraries (libmmbd and so on) to the correct places in LE but then I get the following error in Kodi log:


    18:58:28 T:139918382704384 DEBUG: CDVDInputStreamBluray::Logger - aacs.c:104: No usable AACS libraries found!

    What`s the actual way to get makemkv into LE ?

    Thank you !

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  • The old OE package has two PKG_URL's and as the error clearly states we no longer support that in package.mk files. You'll either have to create two separate packages (one dependent on the other) and do some funky things to manage the interdependencies. Another approach would be to download the second file during post_unpack() or similar.

  • Here you go, fixed up the package for ya ;) Haven't tested it but it compiles and packages up just fine. If you're compiling the addon for LE 7 just change PKG_ADDON_REPOVERSION="8.0" to 7.0.

  • Can confirm that compiling and playback now works very well. I`ve tried it actually on a fresh install of LE. Thank you very much escalade.

    Hello link is down

    who can i get this file

    mfg babboy

  • How to install makemkv on LE?

    I am assuming first I have to install lib.multimedia.makemkv-8.0.0 and then makemkv

    I'm running LE version 7.0.2

    When I try to install lib.multimedia.makemkv-8.0.0 I get the error -

    The dependency on os lib.makemkv version 8 could not be satisfied or something.

  • I don't know how to compile add on from source. Can anyone help me get this working on LE 7 Jarvis? Not Krypton. Any pointers please?

  • Hi,

    can someone tell me please how i can compile MakeMKV unter LibreELEC? or i can install it?

    bd+ have many fragments, its not funny to watch an movie with this fragments :(



  • ok i get it to work i have now the newest makemkv 1.10.6 i compiled it on my linuxserver and installed the zip file, i add and change some files and now

    every BD plays very very good great picture great sound no fragments :)

    thx to escalade

    i use your git 8.1 for compiling the addon makemkv on my linux server

    i am so happy after 7 days i get it to work :)

  • How do you compile it. Can someone post this addon as a .zip file, please?

    KODI Matrix 19, LibreELEC 10

    Intel NUC 4250U in Abel H2 chassis, Philips 55OLED804