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    Hi escalade,

    first of all thank you very much for this great release. I have NEVER experienced any OE/LE image, where so much things worked so well out of the box. :D

    I`ve already successfully setup a machine on an AMD Kabini Platform with your image, it works great and I am really happy with it.

    Now I`ve tried to setup your image also on an AMD Fusion (E-350) machine of mine, but there I am experiencing big problems on boot.

    If I install it from scratch, after booting into the system, I can see the LE logo and then it switches to a blank black screen.
    Then I can see the cursor coming up but after some time it dissapears and then comes back again.
    This happens ages of time, the display stays black and the cursor keeps blinking. I can hear the hard disk working all the time.
    I`ve been waiting for minutes.
    It looks like a boot loop.

    I had an older standard LE image already got to work on that machine before without problems.

    What can be wrong ?

    I`ve used the "LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.0-devel-20170108.img.gz" image.

    Btw. motherboard is an ASRock E350M/USB3 with latest bios 1.80.

    Please help!

    EDIT: Installed official LE v7.90.007 ALPHA, runs fine on that system. Then copied over your image to the update share, ran update, now I am in the bootloop again :-p

    EDIT2: In this system there is a 2TB HDD. In the Kabini system there was a 256GB SSD. Maybe a problem ?


    until Retroplayer gets pushed into LE i tried to use the retroarch plugin by  giuliano from here:

    I`ve installed the latests version (1.3.6) with a self-compiled master built of LE which is around two days ago.

    While in an older build of LE the 1.3.4 version of the plugin worked perfect I cannot get it to start with latest LE master.

    This is the error I get when I try to launch it from command line/ssh after install:


    MediaCenter:~/.kodi/addons/retroarch # ./
    error: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set in the environment.
    /storage/retroarch/default/bin/retroarch: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: xcb_send_request_with_fds

    Directly in Kodi screen switches to black for about 1sec and then I am back at Kodi.

    Any chanches to get it working for the latest (master) version of LE ?
    What is the best solution atm to get an easy to use emulator interface to LE ?

    I`ve used Retroarch + IARL in the past which worked pretty well (the thingI do not want to copy games over to the shares).

    Hi marv,

    yep that works :):D thank you !
    The only thing is: I cannot get hardware accleration to work. I have an AMD 5350 APU. Changed settings to hardware accleration "AMD" and "force" or "default" in chrome addon config, but chrome stays in software accleration mode. Therefore I have no smooth playback and also no HD signal for Amazon Prime.

    Do I have any chanches to get hardware accleration work with this APU and LE ?

    Thank you !


    i`ve installed a fresh image of LE master from yesterday and then installed the latest chromium addon from Kodinerds repository (Chromium v55.0.2883.75).

    On certain sites (including I get an error from chrome itself: "Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this page".

    I do not get more information about the exact error, only a link to google for solving it (clear cache and so on - but does not help).

    Sites like and Google work normally.

    Settings are at default. Only rendering is changed to AMD and "default" due to an AMD APU.

    It`s a complete fresh install.

    Is this a known bug? Can anyone reproduce this ?

    Thank you !


    when trying to build the latest git i am getting the following error:


    error: relink '' with the above command before installing it

    Build command is:


    PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64 make image

    I didn`t have those build problems in the past. The checkout is from yesterday with no modifications.
    I am trying to build an image for update.

    What`s wrong ?
    Thank you !

    Best regards,


    on one of my devices I expect a strange problem when trying to playback a DVD main title (not the menu!).

    The main menu of the DVD runs fine but everytime I try to start the playback of the main title the video suddently freezes. I can then hear the audio track of the main title in background (also if video is freezed) but I also can hear "lags" and stutters in the audio stream.

    On another device with the same system (which I made a copy from) the same DVD runs fine.

    Basically both devices use the same self-compiled distribution of LE and also nearly the same hardware (AMD E-350, LG Bluray drive). There is no major difference, so I was wondering where the problem does come from.

    Audio in Kodi works well for both devices (audio over HDMI).

    Here are the relevant pieces of the log:

    I will post the full log later, don`t have it on my side yet.

    Please help! Thank you !

    UPDATE: Full log attached.


    it`s me again

    After a long time of absence I checked out the latest LE git yesterday and (fresh) installed it onto my machine.

    All works fine except for DVD playback (again?).

    I already had posted problems of completely missing DVD playback here with an older LE installation, but that got added in the meantime in git.

    I was very suprised that when trying to playback DVD with this version I cannot see any video (shouldn`t it work out of the box in latest versions?).

    This are the relevant parts of the log:

    In my Kodi log I also found some occurences that the input error may come from missing css decryption. The errors were like this (I could only see them when kodi was in debug mode and logged it):


    libdvdread: Get key for /VIDEO_TS/VTS_04_0.VOB at 0x00382cc0
    libdvdread: Error cracking CSS key for /VIDEO_TS/VTS_04_0.VOB (0x00382cc0)
    libdvdread: Elapsed time 0

    I tried some different DVDs, none of them were working. They are all original ones I own. And they are for my region (2 = Europe).

    After that I tried to force region 2 for DVD playback in Kodi settings but that had also no effect.

    I think I did something wrong or forgot something ? But why that ??

    Thanks & best regards,

    Please don't post the same thread twice, ask for it to be moved if necessary, and be patient for replies.

    Hey chewitt, sorry I thought it may be better placed here and therefore removed/moved it from the addons section. Sorry !


    libvorbis is now linked statically, so you will need to recompile retroarch or copy over the shared library from somewhere else.

    Ok, thank you for the information. I already guessed there may have been some changes.

    However btw, what`s the difference between libvorbis and libvorbisenc and is there a package for the encoder also (or do I have to activate the encoder addon) ?


    i am testing my self-compiled master of LE. I`ve checked it out about two weeks ago.

    All runs fine except when I want to use the "Retroarch" addon (by ttsemek) from here:
    retroarch-openelec - Browse Files at

    I did already test it some months ago in Openelec (it was version 6 i think) where it ran without any problems.

    When I installed the plugin into my LE installation the same way (retroarch-full-1.3.3) the plugin was activated successfully but when i try to start it after that nothing happens.

    I tried to go into ssh and try to start the executable from there.

    This is the error message i get:


    /storage/retroarch/default/bin/retroarch: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    I already tried to activate the "libvorbis" package for my build by adding it to the package dependencies but the library did not turn up (but it was built) in /lib.
    I tried to install the Vorbis Encoder addon from the repository but it did also not help.
    And I also tried to turn on vorbis in ffmpeg compilation options (--enable-libvorbis for .configure) but nothing changed.

    I am at the end of my ideas.

    What can i do to get libvorbis / vorbisenc back into the build (i guess it has been dropped since?).

    Thank you !


    i`ve tried to compile and integrate makemkv into my own build of latest LE master, however it seems like it doesn`t work anymore.

    Some months ago I`ve set it up successfully this way within OE without any problems. Seems like build process has been changed in the meantime or there is a difference between OE and LE.

    I basically followed this guide:

    When trying to run "scripts/create_addon makemkv" I get the following error:


    scripts/create_addon makemkv
    Error - packages with multiple urls are no longer supported, use mkpkg makemkv-bin-1.9.10.tar.gz

    I know that makemkv is not in unofficial repos anymore so I`ve checked out an older commit to get it back. And I also know that this is the OE(!) unofficiall repo but I think for this purpose it should work in LE too ?

    I`ve also tried to build makemkv directly without LE`s create-addon script (with make) like described in their forum ( and copied over the compiled libraries (libmmbd and so on) to the correct places in LE but then I get the following error in Kodi log:


    18:58:28 T:139918382704384 DEBUG: CDVDInputStreamBluray::Logger - aacs.c:104: No usable AACS libraries found!

    What`s the actual way to get makemkv into LE ?

    Thank you !