DVD main title - can only hear audio video frozen

  • Hello,

    on one of my devices I expect a strange problem when trying to playback a DVD main title (not the menu!).

    The main menu of the DVD runs fine but everytime I try to start the playback of the main title the video suddently freezes. I can then hear the audio track of the main title in background (also if video is freezed) but I also can hear "lags" and stutters in the audio stream.

    On another device with the same system (which I made a copy from) the same DVD runs fine.

    Basically both devices use the same self-compiled distribution of LE and also nearly the same hardware (AMD E-350, LG Bluray drive). There is no major difference, so I was wondering where the problem does come from.

    Audio in Kodi works well for both devices (audio over HDMI).

    Here are the relevant pieces of the log:

    I will post the full log later, don`t have it on my side yet.

    Please help! Thank you !

    UPDATE: Full log attached.