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    hi, i tried your image and it works fine with makemkv for Blue-Ray and UHD 4K Blu-Ray

    i have only 2 Issues

    1. Audio Pass Thorough with Thrue HD not work (this worked in older Images from 5Schatten or Escalade)

    2. with the BD-UHD-4k Movies, there only show the english and japanese audiotracks, all other audio tracks are unknown,

    i hope you or someone can help to fix this issues

    the Audiolanguages from the Blue-Rays are showing correctly

    only from 4k UHD-Blue-Rays is this issue

    i compiled the newest makeMKV, too

    this issue i had in previouse images, too

    only in one image from "Escalade" 8.25 it worked

    I Added an norml Log and an detailed Log (Kodi.txt)

    at the bottom from the kodi.txt you can see, that i changed more Times the Autiotracks,

    i think that the Tracks not named , so i think i need the msgctxt "#Number" for the Tracks and than i can input it in the



    i don't know if it will fix the issue, and i don't know, how i can find out the msgctxt #Number for the Audiotracks


    does anyone have an idea?


    i tried it exactly as you write it,

    the Movie


    can't decrypted, (the 4k version are working anytime with makemkv)

    The Addon is not the Problem, its only an information about playback

    the issue is not in/with makemkv, the issue is in Kodi

    this movie not work under LE9.x

    under LE 8.2.5 this movie Works anytime "With" &/or "Without" - MakeMKV


    i postet logfiles and someone posted an link to an Kodi forum, there was the same issue but there they hsve an fix but is for android kodi

    do i am the only person on world who looking BluRay's? please can someone try to fix the ploblem with bd+ and Blu-Rays? one movie what not work is Logan (from the 4k Bundle) I can't look this movies with LE 9.x

    only with LE8.2.5 do all blu-Rays work. but there my grafikcard with audio path-trough not work :(

    you don't understand, BD+ don't work for all movies! It don't work with an clean installation without any addon and it don't work with addon

    Es funktioniert nicht bei einer frischen Installation und funktioniert auch nicht mit makemkv

    the not working Movie is "Logan"

    Es ist devinitiev kein Problem was mit MakeMKV zusammenhängt, denn der Film geht ohne genausowenig wie mit makemkv, ich mach schon sein 3 oder 4 wochen damit rum, Logan geht nicht, dieser film geht nur unter 8.2.5

    makemkv 1.14.2 habe ich für 8.2.5 mit escalades addon selbst kompiliert und funktioniert tadellos, ebenso habe ich makemkv unter dem offiziellen git von LE 9.0 selbst compiliert mit schatten5 seinem addon packet und hab auch seines probiert,

    das Problem liegt an Kodi, andere Filme gehen mit und ohne MakeMKV aber eben nicht alle.

    Logen geht nicht, nur die UHD Disk von Logan geht mit makemkv, ich kaufe dir gerne den FIlm als Geschenk auch das passende Laufwerk wenn du mir das nicht glaubst

    auch wenn ich weiblich und dunkelblond bin heist das nicht dass ich blöd bin :)

    The Issue what i have is this one, my System is everything on German, so when i play a BD or UHD Disk the audio and subtitle track should be the German one, but allways the Englisch track are used for audio, for subtitle are all unknown

    this is so couse the German Audio Track is not named look at the Picture

    under LE 8.2.5 there worked it right the Test-Movie are allways the same Logan UHD or Logan. the Picture is from the UHD one couse the normal does'nt work (look @ other Posting BD+ Problem - LE 9.0.0)

    The next one, when i click on Disk there all inserted diskd are named "DVD" on 8.2.5 there was all inserted disks named like, Logan or Transporter ...

    here my Hardware

    Mainboard: Gigabyte Z270M-D3H with Bios F8d

    CPU: Core i5-7500

    Ram: 16GB

    GPU: ATI Radeon RX 570 ITX

    Harddrive: Samsumg SSD EVO850

    BDrom: ASUS BC12D2HT (UHD Friendly BD rom)

    fresh installation from LE 9.0.0 and MakeMKV 1.14.2

    here the logfileand a picture

    so i have the problem that some or all BD+ movies like (Logan) not can be decrypted, i allways get the Message can't play encrypted videos...

    under LE 8.2.5 it works great

    i use the makemkv plugin 1.14.2 the UHD Disk from Logan works, so the Issue must be in the BD+ part from Kodi, i tried it with and without "bdplus" folder, Logan BD not work

    here my Hardware

    Mainboard: Gigabyte Z270M-D3H with Bios F8d

    CPU: Core i5-7500

    Ram: 16GB

    GPU: ATI Radeon RX 570 ITX

    Harddrive: Samsumg SSD EVO850

    BDrom: ASUS BC12D2HT (UHD Friendly BD rom)

    fresh installation from LE 9.0.0 and MakeMKV 1.14.2

    here the logfileand a picture

    very nice work, the most things for me what i use are working, the only thing where i have an problem is

    from playback BD's the audiotracks are not named, only the englisch and japanese one, all other audiotracks are named as unknown, so i need to search the german track, on le 8.2.5 this wors correctly, does someone know how i can fix this? or where the issue can be?

    BD+ not work




    ok i need to give up, i think i need an newer kernel, but i don't know how i can use an newer, everything i tried gos in to Errors :(

    tried an other image from sky42 with an newer kernel but there makemkv don't decrypt all BD's, so there is something wrong too

    maybe the kernel is to new, is no one can help me than --- close ---

    i tried with an kernel option ""  but this don't work too,  audio over HDMI not available, with onboard grafikcard works but not with the ATI RAdeon RX570.  (in the new Libreelec 9 it works but i can't use this, couse there i don't get all BDs and BD-UHD Disks to work, all movieds works with makemkv under 8.2.5  but nit in LE9)

    so, i need to know which packet, driver or modul i need to change the version that i get it to work

    i don't have knowledge in programming but i don't wan't to give up, i get the compilling process to work so now i need only the last part from the puzzle ^^

    Hi, i need some help, I try to compile Libreelec 8.2.5 with some newer drivers, couse I have an ATI Radeon RX 570 There are no audio pass through available, So I found out the 8.2.5 image from escalade support it. Now I tried to change the Version to 18.1.0 under X11/drivers/amdgpu I compilled it but this package was not the right one, Audio pass through are not available for this card So now I need some help, what modul or package is for this part (HDMI Audio pass through from Grafikcard Radeon RX 570) Than I can try to change this version to an newer one, too I hope someone can help me with some informations J BB Dainara

    i have an issue with Blu-Ray disk Playback, this issue i have by all Libreelec Versions by LE9 i can't play any BD Disk

    under 8.2.5 only with an addon plugin.makemkvblurayv1.1.3 it is very old but works under 8.2.5

    i have an clean Installation from Le9 beta3 with makemkv1.14.2 fresh compiled

    KeyDB.cfg is in /storage/.config/aacs

    bdplus Folder with data is in /storage/.config

    so if i insert an BD Disk (Logan) than comes Play Disk Button, i click on it, from Log everything is finde

    than comes the chose option from Tracks, i use the Movietrack than after a vew seconds coms the Message cant decrypt movie ...

    under libreelec 8.2.5 with the plugin the Movie runs

    so i don't know why the "Play Disk" Button don't work with Blu-Ray Discs, and i don't know whyLE9 don't play any BD Disks

    here the Log

    i Hope someone can help me



    the moduls work fine in TV but only the hd+ card don't want to work with tvheadend couse tv headend use an wrong caid fot this channels, tvheadend don't use caid 1830, i read in an other forum that tvheadend us the sky caid 098C :( i don't want to use oscam anymore, i have cardreader smargos