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    Nextpvr is now available as a docker and can be installed within a running libreelec install

    it was surprising easy, sets up extremely intuitive, full integration with schedules direct and just works - much easier to setup than TVheadend

    installed on a NUC with quantity 2 HDhomeruns (4 tuners in total), ;) EPG from schedules direct - libreelec 9.2.6

    the only variant is that i coded my recording to my 2 tb usb seagate HDD plugged into my NUC for the recordings

    instructions as follows:

    Install Docker addon from repository for libreelec

    after connect your device with putty

    For LibreELEC , each command is separate & enter


    docker image pull nextpvr/nextpvr_amd64


    mkdir /storage/nextpvr


    mkdir /storage/nextpvr/livetv


    docker run -d \


    --name=nextpvr \


    --restart unless-stopped \


    --volume /storage/nextpvr/config:/config \


    --volume /var/media/seagate/pvr:/recordings \


    --volume /storage/nextpvr/livetv:/buffer \


    --publish 8866:8866 \



    once installed use your web - browser to access the Nextpvr web set up

    the ip address:8866

    login: admin

    password: password

    here is the list of tested media for reference:

    XXXX -4K.UHD.HFR.60fps.FLAC.WEBDL.2160p.X264_ZMachine.mkv


    ZZZZ- 1080p bluray-ATMOS 7.1.m2ts

    AAAA-4k -UHD -2160p-ATMOS 7.1 .mkv






    Hi - have installed the LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.2-devel-20171205 version on a NUC7I5BNH

    passthrough works perfectly with ,my DENON receiver


    tested a variety of sources

    great work - thanks

    -asus chromebox now running the latest 8.01 krypton with 4.2 tv headend and the great addon for schedules direct by edit4ever !

    -have been trying to integrate / setup the comskip features from:

    GitHub - Helly1206/comskipper: This program can skip commercials while still recording. It's a wrapper over the original comskip software.

    and /or

    GitHub - erikkaashoek/Comskip: A free commercial detector

    - was wondering if anyone was successful with such a feature addition or even if a prepacked addon was available ?


    tried to just update my existing Legacy seabios firmware - in order to run krypton 8.01 - no luck the same issue

    next tried to update the firmware but this time the full UEFI version.

    it updated successfully but told me i had to install a new OS -prepped a new Libreelec install disc - presto all worked great.

    must say the Libreelec 8.01 krypton boots fast / works great.


    Did you ever find a solution to your issue? I'm experiencing the same while trying to do a fresh install of 8.0.1, after the update keeps getting me the blank scree + pointer.

    i had similar issue.

    stand alone install of libreelec 16.1 Jarvis ( libreelec 7.0.3)

    tried to update via a new tar for 8.0.1 .. blank screen with cursor ..

    to access the firmware update script - you need to run a linux live - USB stick and then run from the terminal in Linux live- in what ever Linux live variant you are using - Ubuntu in your case

    you will have to have a usb keyboard plugged into the chromebox - select reboot in kodi and just before the reboot - hold the esc key until you access the boot menu. It does switch very fast - took me a couple tries

    select the usb stick which has your linux live - which should be listed as a boot option. Of note if did you not see my USB stick listed which has your linux live on it try a different USB stick - i had that issue as well.

    hope this helps

    Thank you very much for your help.

    It was indeed dodgy firmware which has now been updated and I'm now running the latest and greatest version of LE without issue.


    am in the same boat , tried to update to LE8.01 today - with no luck - the first boot hung on the black screen with just the mouse pointer

    was able to build a linux live usb stick (debian) - entered terminal - followed these instructions:

    To download and run this script, from a terminal/shell type:

    cd; curl -L -O && sudo bash
    and press enter. (copy/paste to avoid typos - the 2nd curl parameter is a capital O, not a zero)

    the question is >>>

    did you install the full UEFI firmware ? or did you update legacy ?

    if you installed the the UEFI firmware - were you able the then boot the chromebox with the update to LE8.01 Krypton and your configuration was there ?

    or do you have to start from a fresh install of LE

    look forward to your reply


    At the moment there are no people in the LE team with the time (and perhaps also skill set) to create a separate and specialized config addon for setting up connections via OpenVPN. Should someone be willing to step up and create such an addon, we are more than happy to review their PRs.

    Without such an addon, it would be pointless creating our own documentation when there is already a very detailed manual on the website URL you have been given.

    was able to use the VPN manager addon

    Release 1.4.0: Added WiTopia, User Defined filtering changes, better addon filter ma… · Zomboided/service.vpn.manager · GitHub

    it was very intuitive to set up.

    works excellent

    hope this is able to helps others


    thank you for pasing this on

    I defintely 2nd this for addition to the LE repo !