Tvheadend nightly builds for LE

  • This thread was my last resort and to preserve my sanity am i glad i came here.

    I was struggling with an XBOX Tuner on a RPI3+ on the latest LE9.0/Tvh4.2 build which is supposed to work OOTB.

    However tvh wasnt finding any channels successfully.

    With the help of w_scan w_scan i was able to verify the muxes were right.

    I only have 2 muxes on 474Mhz/498Mhz and apparently tvh4.2 does have bugs with some frequencies.

    So deciding to try the nightly build i uninstalled tvh4.2 and downloaded/installed from zip the nightly build.

    I had to go through the configuration wizard again but hey presto, it found the channels.

    Now the xbox tuner has dvb-c which i dont need so i probably could have disabled that in the wizard cos i populated a lot of

    stuff i had to delete but hey, im a much happier bunny.

    Hope this may help from going insane !

  • Just like the foxyboy told, this post was my last resort. I was having issues with IPTV channels on TVHeadend 4.2, the stream was freezing every minute, it was impossible to watch anything for more than 5 minutes without a freeze. But since I installed this nightly, I stoped having freezing issues. Really happy right now, I was going mad, with it. Thanks!!!!

  • I have got the latest nightly build for rock64 and have just tried to get tvheadend working.

    I don't believe that LE has recognised my DVB USB tuner

    Sony CXD2837ER DVB-T/T2/C demodulator

    I'm not too sure what other information is required, but is it possible to get support for this tuner added?

  • Hi,

    When i power on the box, this do a search of the EGP network with a name of egpgrab.

    So my question if i can export this file EPG or if i can access this file in box ?

    My version:

    HTS Tvheadend 4.2.6-7 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v8.2.113

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  • I`ll do a build task for 9.1 as well, sadly no time at the moment to setup.

    But should be doable in the next week or so :thumbup:

    I hope you will find some time - thanks for your efforts :-)

  • Even cheap ancient routers allow port forwarding with an different port, so you can forward 254 times the same port to whatever you want for the outside.

    This should work without recompile anything. you mean it's not possible to change port for Tvheadend server in LE without recompile?No big issue just asking

  • I had a running installation with 4.2 and now I manually installed the latest 4.3. However, some things are not working smoothly. Does one have to migrate the config somehow from 4.2 to 4.3. Under Configuration/General (I hope you know what I mean, I am running a German installation) it's said that the config version is 4.2.

  • tuep it should pick up the configuration just fine, at least it did in my case.

    Under Configuration/General it says "Configuration Version 24, Last updated from 4.2.5 ~ LibreElec Tvh -addon v8.2.113".

    In "About" it says "HTS Tvheadend 4.3-1749 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v9.0.444".

    The reverse isn't true: when I tried coreelec, it automatically upgraded to 4.2 (?() and that aborted with the configuration from 4.3

  • I was only confused because it resetted two IPTV channels and it deleted the tv_grab_wg++ I created under .kodi/addons/service.tvheadend/bin. Will this be deleted everytime I update via install from zip?

  • ) it's said that the config version is 4.2.

    you should see 4.3.333 or something - otherwise you don't have it installed :) you mean it's not possible to change port for Tvheadend server in LE without recompile?

    you can do it at the settings without an problem