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    Oh, the "audio" button is the one with the code 0x01 that I mapped to KEY_AUDIO (thinking that it would switch audio tracks), but later I found that it goes to the music menu.

    What KEY_ mapping should I use to switch audio tracks instead? And what mapping to go to the live tv section (KEY_TV doesn't)?

    Other keys that apparently do nothing are:

    • KEY_HOMEPAGE (home button on the remote, code 0x0d)
    • KEY_FAVORITES (fav button, 0x1f))
    • KEY_MENU (menu button, 0x45)
    • KEY_APPSELECT (apps button, 0x58)
    • KEY_WWW (browser button, 0x18)

    "FAV" button for favorite items (e.g. for internet streams or etc) is missing in remote control of KI Pro

    I tried to map all keys in the remote. Some of them don't do what I wold expect (e.g. KEY_TV doesn't show live tv but a list of tv shows) others don't do nothing, but at least it has all the keycodes.

    This is my map:

    There are also some signs of DVB support

    Do you mean for external DVB cards/usb sticks or for the integrated hardware in the 905D (though, If I'm not mistaken, it only includes the frontend and the demod, the tuner is external)?

    Anyway, even if it is the latter, the current code (which, by your "forward porting by kernel backporting" statement I assume that will be recycled) isn't squeezing the same performance from the tuner/frontend/demod (don't know which one is the culprit) as the android driver. At least with the avl6862 in the mecool KI pro I have.

    A nightly is a nightly, a release is a release. Just install the release version and you're gonna be good.

    There isn't a release for S905. The only images ready-made are the semi-official one offered by CvH and the one in

    I know that the latter is a nightly and I know what a nightly is, but the question was, if I download a nightly right now, it should more or less corresponds to the release image, shouldn't it?

    I use dvb-s only on KI PRO. Never had problem on CE 8.95.6. But I have problems with other things... Please where could I get this 8.2.5 you talked about for KI PRO? Thanks.

    If you go to the first post, under "test releases" there's a link to a mega folder.

    I'm wondering if I have a defective unit, but I don't think so: I'm not the only one having problems with the dvb tuner (Edit: besides, under android the tuner works fine). Maybe this is the cause.

    Wit last LE 8.2.5 on my MECOOL KI PRo is good dvb driver. On Coreelec i had working dvb driver on 8.95.5 release, but from 8.95.6 release is not working. I tried change also driver from original libreelec driver to last kernel driver. But bug is last update of coreelec in frame of dvb driver of KI PRO. Libreelec with kodi 17.6 is great !

    Not here. I tried both 8.2.5 and I'm currently on 9 beta. DVB-S sometimes works, sometime doesn't (muxes that I can tune one moment I cannot the next, some cannot tune at all). DVB-T doesn't tune any mux (though tvheadend can scan and find some services). Android works flawlessly but if I wanted to use android I wouldn't be here ;).

    Maybe the problem is heat related, now I'm trying with the box horizontal, with the tuner part at the bottom, and it seems it's working better (not as good as android and still no DVB-T).

    As I said, I doubt it's a heat problem (after all android is able to tune no matter what), but it's been reported in a spanish telegram group that this box tends to overheat (let's be frank, like 99% of tv boxes ;)) and, apart from the usual suggestion to change the heatsink and/or add a fan, they say to just put the box upside-down and that's what I'm trying. Crossing fingers....

    Another interesting discovery: I wasn't able to tune a couple of dvb-s muxes that were working some days ago. I wanted to connect the box in the attic to avoid the (minimal) cable loss and see if it made a difference, but before that I let the box switched off for a while to let it cool.

    After turning it on again, without moving it, I could tune those muxes with no problem.

    Heat related? I doubt it, when I tested under android I didn't let the box cool off, but one never knows.

    For the time being I just turned the box upside down, I read that it improves the cooling, let's see if it keeps on working or if I'll lose those muxes after a while.

    BTW, CvH I tried your nightly and it works fine, I also posted in the tvheadend forum about a patch I wrote and asking for advice, let's hope somebody answers.

    Today I tried the DVB-T part of the tuner. Libreelec (tvheadend) fails the scan of all the muxes, android finds all the available channels with no problem. :(

    OK, I wasn't going to use the DVB-T tuner but still...

    Then I plugged my siano based usb DVB-T stick, the standard LE driver doesn't work. OK, try the crazycat drivers. Those work (barely) with my DVB-T stick but the internal tuner doesn't work =O

    No, I mean, the problem is with vdr.

    I looked on how to add a new type of rotor to tvheadend but I find it messy: my plan is to use an arduino to control the dish jack.

    I could easily extend the existing rotor with a new class that sends the commands to a serial port, but it would be much more difficult (due to my limited understanding of the code) to add some kind of feedback: I know when the dish is in position but currently tvheadend just wait a fixed time multiplied by the steps the rotor has to make and I don't like that.

    I have all that already programmed as a vdr plugin (and with a good user interface to manually steer the dish), hence my interest in making vdr work.

    In every forum post I found (even Russian ones translated with google translate), the problem is with this tuner coupled with vdr :(

    I noticed in the log that the driver gives many:

    kernel: DMX: dmx_remove_feed: unknown feed

    errors as well as

    kernel: DMX: too many filters

    but only with vdr.

    The firs error should never happen and regarding the second, by looking at /sys/module/aml/parameter/debug_dmx0_chanpids I never saw more than 11 pids used (out of 31).

    I'm quite sure that vdr works, but maybe it's poking the driver in a way that makes it fail.