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    I learned that masking works over symlinking a service to /dev/null, like

    ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/system/rpcbind.service

    But there is no rpcbind.service or rpcbind.socket in /etc/systemd/system.

    And I can't create it since I get the error read only file system.

    I did a port scan on my LibreELEC system and found several ports open. I closed most of them by deactivating the services that I don't use anyway. Only remaining ones are 22 for ssh and 111. What services causes port 111 to be open and in case I don't need it, how can I close it?

    In case nobody can help me to save my configuration, maybe someone can help me to sort out what my chances are that I set up TVheadend and webgrabplus with docker on libreelec in a way that I can easily move the configuration later on to a debian server. So I would only configure it once again what I would need to do anyway in the future.

    I actually would appreciate, if I don't have to reinstall and reconfigure everything! It was not straightforward last time to set it up with a mix of DVB and IP and webgrab++.

    Espacially because I plan to replace my NAS in the near future by a server. Once this happened the TVHeadend server moves to the server. So setting everything up for just a couple of months would be a bummer.

    Stupid thing to do, but I updated in the evening to 9.2.

    Now TVHeadendserver is not working anymore.

    I tried to get to the configuration page, but it's not there.

    The addon.log showed this, which makes me suspicous that maybe some config doesn't work anymore and the IP is wrong instead of my IP.

    Can't install. The message is:

    Addon couldn't be loaded. An error occured.

    Is there a problem with this file. I just downloaded it and tried to install it. Sometimes I get too trustfull ...

    Where should be spaces? I think the names are matching. All picon paths are autogenerated. When I change something the pcions are gone. For some channels I checked the file in libreelec too. I would assume it's maybe a problem on the client side.

    I use the TVheadend HTSP Client from Adam Sutton et al. in version

    I know this setting is the config for the generation of the paths under settings/channels for each channel. This is working already the paths are leading to correct locations on the machine. And the Picons are there but only on Kodi I only see a TV-Symbol in the main view and in EPG the space for the logo is empty.

    As I am using the service name picons for me it's something like this file:///storage/picons/tvh/daserstehd.png

    But as I said in the browser looking at the details in EPG the Picons are there. Also http://serverip:9981/imagecache/20 shows the correct image for channel 20. So for some reason it's not making the way to Kodi. Also setting up a path to the picon folder in Kodi doesn't work.

    I think the paths are not the problem, as I have the Icons working perfectly in the browser under epg. I already have the network set to plain and digest.

    Might it be a problem that Server and Client are on the same machine? In the client I didn't used the IP but the IP of the system in the LAN.

    I will check it out. I only use webgrabplus for one channel that isn't available over DVB-T2 and hesitated for a longer time to do so. That EPG thing is really one of the most annoying things to set up. I did it once before so this time it went quite well, but the first time was really a struggle.

    I use Webgrabplus too. Webgrabplus creates a guide.xml in userdata/addon_data/service.webgrabplus/ and this is processed by the tv_grab_wg skript run by tvheadendserver. Maybe one can also save this script somewhere else and set it up in tvheadend. But if a future update wouldn't kill it I am fine with this. Otherwise I have to check it out. But currently the missing of Picons in Kodi is more annoying.