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    duck7000 (and for anyone else who may land in this page having a similar issue...)

    I have found a (silly) way to avoid this problem of TV black level getting washed grey every time the X86 Libreelec device starting/rebooting. There is a menu in Samsung TV's, where you can enable/disable "HDMI UHD Color"

    Uncheck (disable) UHD and the problem is fixed. Now, this seems stupid, i mean having payed all this money for 4K UHD HDR, but, no worries! When 4K HDR video playback starts, the TV still recognizes the change in hdmi signal, and picture settings are automatically switched to the correct for color space, calibration and everything else.

    Power off the receiver (standby). Press and hold down STRAIGHT button on the front panel, then press Power on (Main Zone)

    You see in the display the "Advanced Setup" menu. Use "PROGRAM" keys to navigate all menu items, find "4K MODE" , press "STAIGHT" to select item. The setting should be "1". Change that to "2"

    Power off everything. Power on TV first, AVR second, Libreelec media player last. Maybe reboot twice?... sometimes it helps :))

    PS It helped me when having the same symptom. If this does not help, you can always switch back the receiver setting following the same procedure

    This is about a weird symptom i m having with black level which becomes washed gray even though everything is properly configured and black should be black.

    My setup at the moment is X86 mini PC running LE > HDMI cable to Yamaha AVR input > Yamaha AVR output HDMI cable to Samsung TV input. The black level setting option in LE is NOT checked to "limited range", so the black produced by LE should be deep black. And we can see it really IS black, when the PC is connected DIRECTLY to the TV via HDMI.

    But, when i run the signal through the Yamaha AVR, the black displayed on the TV bacomes gray. Of course the setting in LE is not changed, i mean when i do check that box in settings for limited range, the black on the TV becomes even more ...whiter gray :) So, there is no cure via LE setup (?) There is also no cure via AVR menu (there is no related setting for video signal treatment there)

    Leaving for last the Samsung TV, where there IS a setting about HDMI black level, which is set to AUTO by default. A setting that works fine when the PC is directly plugged in the TV. No changed needed, auto detect works. In my setup (via AVR) manually changing the setting to LOW on the TV menu, "fixes" the problem, BUT everytime the TV restarts, i guess it "reads" info from the HDMI cable, and is switching back to gray-looking black!!!.

    You could say its the Yamaha AVR, which "adds" a property to the HDMI signal that is interpreted by the TV as a different black level (?) or, NOT passing-through the correct signal properties, that would allow the TV to set the correct black level (?) Whatever the case may be, at this point it looks like its tha AVR's malfunction. Afterall, the levels are FINE when the LE PC is connected DIRECTLY to the TV.

    BUT... There is a BUT, hence this post here at the LE forum, and not at some Yamaha forum :) You see, the levels are FINE when an Amlogic S905X5 cheapo device running CoreElec is used at the same setup, connected via the same cables! Rulling out (?) the malfunction of AVR or TV.

    So, i m thinking, its a mystery.

    Anyone else had this weird problem before? Any ideas where to look?

    2 things that might be relevant, first, in response to the original poster, i have recently trested for a couple of days a Korean manufacturer mini PC based on Intel N6005 Silver Pentium and in one word it was AWESOME. Played everything flawlesly. (bought as open box slightliy used at ebay Germany, for less than 200 euro.

    Second, in response to the N100 discussion, i have just heard in yesterday's youtube video from a guy that i follow (explaining computers dot com) that propper drivers for N100 in Linux can be found ONLY in the very latest core. No idea what that means for Libreelec version 12 (correct Linux version? needs an even newer linux? I guess you guys can tell us more about it...)

    The fact is that N100 is a fairly decent spec CPU at a very low price compared to others, and in theory has everything needed to be used in a modern media player built, which would be still current in the several years to come. Would be nice to have Libreelec compatibility (even if with some beta build...)

    Still dont understand why anyone would want to try something else that is not user friendly, may not work, cause crashes, or whatever.

    OK, i understand that TVheadend development may be slow at this time, BUT, its a proven workhorse! It just gets the job done, does the job right and never complains (aka no major bugs, and TVH 4.2 with LE 9.x its stable, never causes system freeze/crash) It just does everything that anyone would expect it to do. What more would you need it to do? A honest curiosity lol :)

    I have been trying TVh4.3 myself in LE9 and i cant say it was not working, everything seemed working for me.

    BUT it was very unstable, kept causing Kodi restarts.

    Recently i also upgraded to Le10 nightly build & Cvh's build of TVh43 and i could not see any important changes regarding performance: Again crashes and (maybe just my idea, not sure) the web interface was sluggish sometimes, less responsive. (Intel GeminiLake, 8 Gb RAM)

    I am installing LE in a very old PC, everything works fine with LE 8 & TVHeadend installed, except from the pvr.hts client addon.

    When i install the 3.4.24 versions from LE inventory, kodi crashes.

    So... my question: Is there a way to download and try installing OLDER versions of pvr.hts addon built for LE8 ?

    Arch: x86_64

    Kernel: Linux 4.11.12 #1 SMP Thu May 3 03:33:11 BST 2018

    Release: LibreELEC 8.2.5

    EDIT: Never mind, found the problem... Its an old bug

    Funny thing it was me who faced this bug in the past, and i was not remembering about it hahahaha

    Mods, you can close this topic ;)

    Many thanks :)

    Ah... i was afraid that normal procedure would not work and would brick the box ...i dont remember where i have read this, so i never gave it a try hahahahaha

    Many thanks for reply, i will try later :)

    Too soon to speak about memory and hangs, BUT, it LOOKS LIKE your solution has fixed for me another problem

    discussed in Intel forum here

    and also discussed in Kodi forums here LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)

    I have not applied the solution proposed in those topics as i did not care much about those artifacts at the top of the screen ( they did not bother me since they are never visible during video playback)

    Maye LE guys should take a look at those problems too before the new release.

    There is something seriously wrong with the way Kodi manages memory (at least the x86_64 Linux version).

    I think so too... Never had problems with older hardware and older libreelec (or openelec), i remember machine was up and running like forever until i wanted to power off for some reason. New versions have a max life not more than 4-5 days of always increasing memory use, before hang and become unresponsive. I have added 8 giga RAM ( DDR4 ), did not help at all ( now system hangs when ram usageis about 40-50%

    Question: How can i test your suggestion? I do not see a kodi.conf file, do i need to create one and add this line?

    Ah! the z83

    I have one Z83 myself gathering dust ...not powerful enough for win 10 (imho)

    Should be ok for libreelec though - i hope! -

    And, it would be really nice to raise from the dead and have something useful to do :P

    SO... any help is welcomed. Anyone had success with deleting the awefull OS and installing Libre?