[Solved] Any older versions available?

  • I am installing LE in a very old PC, everything works fine with LE 8 & TVHeadend installed, except from the pvr.hts client addon.

    When i install the 3.4.24 versions from LE inventory, kodi crashes.

    So... my question: Is there a way to download and try installing OLDER versions of pvr.hts addon built for LE8 ?

    Arch: x86_64

    Kernel: Linux 4.11.12 #1 SMP Thu May 3 03:33:11 BST 2018

    Release: LibreELEC 8.2.5

    EDIT: Never mind, found the problem... Its an old bug

    Funny thing it was me who faced this bug in the past, and i was not remembering about it hahahaha

    Mods, you can close this topic ;)

    Many thanks :)

    I am insane! My mother had me tested.

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