Tvheadend nightly builds for LE

  • Hey, I have an issue with descrambling HD + CHannels with Cam (alphacrypt or Diablocam)

    my tv Card: DD Octopus Twin CI & DuoFlex S2 - Twin Tuner Card DVB-S / S2 (Double CI Bridge)

    I use LE 9.0 and TV headend 4.3-1553-23.11.2018

    So i have 2 alphacrypt cams, one with Sky v14 (Caid 0982) the other with HD + (Caid 1830)

    I can change in both slots, HD + not descrambling, i think the issue are the Caids, the hd + channels will descramling with 098c and not with 1830, tvheadend don't try to use an other Caid, i read this in another forum, too.

    does it take an option to set to selected caid to an channel?

    than i want to add the caid 1830 to all hd + channels

  • does no one know how i can use Caid 1830 to descrambling HD+ Channels with alphacrypt modul unter TVHeadend?

  • the moduls work fine in TV but only the hd+ card don't want to work with tvheadend couse tv headend use an wrong caid fot this channels, tvheadend don't use caid 1830, i read in an other forum that tvheadend us the sky caid 098C :( i don't want to use oscam anymore, i have cardreader smargos

  • Hi

    I need to change a port of Tvheadend 4.2 in Wetek Play 1 with Libreelec 8.2.5.

    Someone can help me to change the port?

    Best Regards

  • If you need to access your TVHeadend server outside your local network, you can use port forwarding on your router.


    I do it, but the problem is I have two TVHeadend servers in the same network.

    And the router only accept one port forwarding ( 9981 for one IP )

  • Hmm...strange for me.

    I also have two TVHeadend servers, and I can access both of them with port forwarding outside my network. Are you sure that your router settings are correct?

  • Even cheap ancient routers allow port forwarding with an different port, so you can forward 254 times the same port to whatever you want for the outside.

    This should work without recompile anything.

  • Using an E2 type bouquet file, and any of the recent releases for R-Pi (1 & 2) there are no DVB-T services 'seen' or 'mapped'. A similar bouquet for the DVB-S channels works as expected.

    The bouquet entries are in the format

    1. #SERVICE 1:0:1:450:3E9:2174:EEEE0000:0:0:0

    The same bouquet file works properly in the Generic releases that I have tried.

    Is this a failure of the ARM version of tvheadend or is something missing from the build?

    My latest attempt was with the 8.95.001 release for R-Pi 2 and this was the Tvheadend output when I enabled the bouquet (with auto-map enabled)

    1. 2018-12-24 00:41:06.864 bouquet: parsed Enigma2 bouquet My DBV-T (0 services)

    Thanks for looking at this.