Tvheadend nightly builds for LE

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  • Is there anything different with Krypton compared to Jarvis? I just tried to run build 2402 for Wetek Play on LibreELEC (Krypton) v7.90.010 ALPHA. The install from zip seems to work, but the service seems not to be available after the upgrade from build 2309. LibreELEC also immediately marks the newer build 2402 to be updated. Doing the "update" which is in fact a downgrade to build 2309 fixes TVH and everything is fine again. With Jarvis I never had any issues with using the nightlies as described above.

  • These Build work ONLY at 7.0, for 8.0 (and their alphas) it needs different builds.
    Builds for 8.0 are available in ~1 week.

  • there is some problem with the new nightlies due some profile stuff (tvh won't start)

    have to investigate what is the actually problem :(

  • there is some problem with the new nightlies due some profile stuff (tvh won't start)

    have to investigate what is the actually problem :(

    Ist das auch hier die Lösung? oder gibt es auch noch eine Inkompatibilität mit 8.0 (neuer kernel?) ??
    Danke für Deine Bemühungen.

  • current versions have a workaround included that fix the problem at the profile, so i t should work i guess

    I backport it to 8.0 too, but i want to test it some days till i change it at the "real" repo

  • Hi CvH,
    Do you think we can upgrade To 7.95.1 and use which tvheadend add-on? Yours > 4.1-2400, from the Standard repository or milhouse ??

  • I hope it's okay to ask for feature requests here or if I should create a separate topic. But anyways, here's the request ;)

    Would it be possible to add the option to somehow define extra parameters for tvheadend, either through addon settings or at least an environment variable? Background is: I have a FritzBox 6490 Cable, that has a hidden sat>ip server built in. It doesn't announce itself on the network, so I have to add --satip-server="..." to the tvheadend parameters, so tvheadend can use it. Currently I'm adding the parameter to the tvheadend42.start script every time the tvheadend addon gets updated, which isn't very comfortable obviously ;)

  • CvH , maybe You have somewhere older tvheadend 4.2 builds for Libreelec 8 . I have sometimes problem with picture after changing channels , buffer goes to 100 and video/audio is still stop , after change to another channel and back everything is ok again . With older tvheadend 4.0 everything is ok but there is no support for hevc h265 . It even happens sometimes on fta channels so it is rather no os*am problem. I am using latest GDPR-1 build on Wetek Play2. Maybe with older tvh 4.2 build will be better

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  • Hello CvH,

    since 4.1-2400 tvh dont work for me on Wetek Play. Connect and disconnect whole time long. Please fix it.