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    Yeah, didn't look into this for a while, but now that we all have more time :( I come back to this.....

    In-between I have set up samba.conf so that the media directories can be accessed as guest with read only for alle devices in the house and those directories and including some for storing my backups need to be accessed for r/w as user root. Thats enough for my needs.

    But now I wanted to use the big disks I have in the LE box also for storing my Timemachine backup from the two iMacs I have here....!!

    No way to configure samba with e.g. "vfs objects" options. I think that this is not included in LE ?

    Anyhow I made some tests with Netatalk in a docker container and after some experiments it worked quite nice. Only difficulty was to carefully start and stop the container at boot and shutdown. The easiest way was to use a wrapper like the addons use. So I ended up with a nice add-on in a zip-file that handles everything carefully. Very handy now :-))


    Back from a trip I see your message, I tested and it looks like the add-on updated to V.1.04

    But I open the configuration page and see the same crippled picture as before!

    Maybe a fresh install would do it, but this is not possible because the other addons require it and so can not be deactivated/deleted etc....

    Any idea ?


    that explains a lot (I found the old images in /config and was surprised!).

    And deleting /config/nginx/site-confs/default and the following update will not touch my data ?

    I did it and after restart I see a new "default" file but the log shows many lines with

    "nginx: [emerg] duplicate upstream "php-handler" in /config/nginx/site-confs/default:1"

    and the web-guy is not reachable.....?

    I try to force a pull now.

    Sorry: was my fault, I kept the old "default" by just renaming and it took both files then. I deleted the old and it is now up and running !!



    1. I am using LE Generic on Intel, it looks like the broken form for updater config is due to some theme incompatibility ?
    2. I have upgraded successfully from 14 to 15 to16 to 17, needed some retries and nextcloud "occ" commands to correct some indices.
    3. I would still like to understand, how can I update from nextcloud V14 to V17 while the docker image is always pulled from Linuxserver.IO. Is that still on V14 ?? and what happens to my updates when a new image is pulled ??

    Nevertheless, many thanks for your work and support, it is really appreciated !!



    1. I see that I can update within the nextcloud webgui. I will do so.

    2. How can I be sure, that I have the newest image from loaded and active ? I checked in Portainer and it shows that in "Container" that it was created (locally) today and in "Images" that is was built at BUILD_DATE=2019-12-26T19:44:02+01:00 . That seems to be proof enough?

    3. While checking the images at .../.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.system.docker/docker/.... I found a lot of old (orphaned?) images/overlays. But I read that the updater has now a prune-function. When I check in the LE gui and open at the updater add-on the configuration page I see no entries on a blank screen with a crippled header?? What goes wrong here, what to do ?


    I have very nice installation of LE with docker add-ons from the LE repository, that wrapp the docker images form I have SQL-DB, Portainer and Nextcloud. The Updater is also installed and from time to time I see the message that new docker images are installed. BUT: when I check on the Nextcloud image is already on V.17.x while my Nectcloud is still V.14.x. What is going wrong or do I need to install/update something manually?

    Any help or experience somebody?



    since a few days I have in macOS finder no symbol anymore for the Libreelec computer in the network, finder is showing a question mark instead of any type of computer icon (see screen shot). Anybody has an idea where that comes from?

    How does it work with avahi in Libreelec? I have enabled it and see at /etc/avahi the usual files in the read-only filesystem, but only the ssh service is announced via avahi/bonjour....?


    That's an easy answer, yes, you'r absolutely right ! :)

    But I don't want to start with a plain Linux in a container and do everything from scratch (see my post #3). So I have to see if I get along with guest and root or if I wanna test an existing samba container.

    Well, I reached the point where I can have guests with readonly and can log into samba with root account and r/w access. That was not so difficult. But am I right that LE has no adduser command so I can only use smbpasswd for users that are already in the System (shadow db) ?

    So I guess that using samba in a container would not change that, if it dos not bring with it adduser (unlikely)?