LCDproc for Audiophonics OLED Display

  • Hi,

    I have installed LE on a Audiophonics RaspDAC and I love it! But I could not manage to get the nice display to work (Yes, I have read many posts, installed both addons, carefully edited the lcd.conf etc....). Then I installed Raspbian (Max2Play!) and compiled and installed LCDproc from Github (following those instructions) and, voila, it worked wonderful!

    My conclusion is that at Github there is a newer version of the LCDproc than LE has. And when I look at the change-log I see some enhancements concerning the WINSTAR WEH001602 ....

    So may I ask if it is possible to get an updated LCD add-on from LE for Raspberry 3 (or at least the ?




    v0.5dev (ongoing development)

    • [added] WINSTAR WEH001602A font bank 1 charmap and font bank selector
    • [fixed] HD44780: turn off display during initialization to not show garbage
    • [added] HD44780: support almost compatible WINSTAR OLED displays
    • [added] HD44780: support internal backlight mode of modern controllers


    • [removed] scripts/debian (Debian files in script directory are outdated · Issue #39 · lcdproc/lcdproc · GitHub)
    • [fixed] spurious (direct) dependencies of ftdi drivers on libusb
    • [API] now drivers need to include "shared/report.h" instead of "report.h"
    • [fixed] autorotate setting - the old code was likely broken on most systems
    • [fixed] As default always use nanosleep() for delays
    • [fixed] Use libftdi1 if it is available instead of obsolete libftdi
    • [fixed] Make SEAMLESS_HBARS feature selectable by the drivers individually
    • [added] hd44780-gpio now supports dual controller displays
    • [added] percent glyph to 14-segment font
    • [fixed] Make display update interval selectable from LCDd.conf
    • [fixed] Move --enable-permissive-menu-goto from configure to LCDd.conf
    • [fixed] Segfault in LL_Find() on empty list
    • [fixed] Add C99 (Move on to C99 · Issue #81 · lcdproc/lcdproc · GitHub)
    • [added] Add Portwell EZIO-100 and EZIO-300 support to serial HD44780 driver
    • [fixed] Removed stale variable in hd44780-i2c.c
    • [fixed] Removed stale screen_add_key_func
    • [fixed] Removed stale screen_del_key_func


    • [added] Add driver for the Futaba TOSD-5711BB VFDisplay on Elonex Artisan/Scaleo/FIC Spectra Media Centre PCs

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  • I had moved the LCDd, the and the LCDd.conf from my compilation to LE and it worked fine.

    Then I deinstalled and deleted anything with the Add-on, install from zip and adjusted the LCDd.conf in "storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.lcdd" and switched in LE to "hd44780" but no success.

  • 1. For me it is ok at the moment. If this is not a generic request we can wait till next official release of LCDproc/LE and then make an safer test ?

    2. I did no cross-compile but native on Pi3 with Beta of Max2Play what I think is a Raspbian/Stretch based distribution. I followed exactly the instructions from "fengalin", that means simply clone the original git repo of LCDproc and "make" without all but hd44780. It is a guide for OSMC. I am thinking about doing the same in Pi3 with OSMC but this will produce probably the same positive result. May be I should set up a LE - Cross Compile environment under VMware ? Well, I didn't do that for a while.....?

  • Hi,

    unfortunately I see that the LCDproc has not been updated now in 9.0.2.

    Can someone initiate that with some new revision this is included ?