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    Am i imagining this or is there a way for the TV to wake Kodi/Chromebox when i power on the tv so that i dont have to hit a key on my kodi remote to bring it out of Suspend mode?

    Yes, it's possible to wake devices with CEC in both directions. The Pulse Eight adapter will do this through USB when your TV sends a wake up signal.

    Currently I have added/changed the following in my tvheadend42.start:

    1. TVH_ARGS_EXTRA="--satip_xml"
    2. # debug commandline
    3. if [ "$DEBUG_LOG" = "true" ]; then
    4.   TVHEADEND_ARG="-B -C -u root -g video -c $ADDON_HOME -l ${DEBUG_LOG_PATH} --trace $DEBUG_LOG_ARG $TVH_ARGS_EXTRA"
    5. else
    6.   TVHEADEND_ARG="-B -C -u root -g video -c $ADDON_HOME $TVH_ARGS_EXTRA"
    7. fi

    I hope it's okay to ask for feature requests here or if I should create a separate topic. But anyways, here's the request ;)

    Would it be possible to add the option to somehow define extra parameters for tvheadend, either through addon settings or at least an environment variable? Background is: I have a FritzBox 6490 Cable, that has a hidden sat>ip server built in. It doesn't announce itself on the network, so I have to add --satip-server="..." to the tvheadend parameters, so tvheadend can use it. Currently I'm adding the parameter to the tvheadend42.start script every time the tvheadend addon gets updated, which isn't very comfortable obviously ;)

    I had a similar problem with the Pusle Eight CEC adapter and my NUC (no signal). The problem was, that at the point where the NUC tries to negotiate with the TV through HDMI, the CEC adapter didn't have power through USB yet, so the negotiation failed and the TV showed "no signal". The resolution was to not deactivate power on USB ports while the NUC was off, so the CEC adapter is already powered when the NUC is startet.

    Just wanted to give a heads up. tvheadend 4.1.1928 from the repo didn't work for me either (Generic x86_64, Sundtek DVB-C adapter). My adapter is found but it seems to be stuck when trying to tune (can't see anything related in the trace log). The 4.1.1931 test build and the 4.0 build from the repo work fine.