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    Yesterday during a huge thunderstorm affecting my sat signal I realized that the "Signal Strength" and "SNR" stats will only get updated once when the channel is switched to. While watching the channel the stats won't get updated any more. You need to switch channels forth and back to update the stats.

    As this used to work in combination with my old Wetek Play, I suppose this is related to satip-axe. Is there any setting that I need to change to get stats updated regularly?

    I am experiencing serious screen flickering recently. Not because of lost or delayed frames but a flickering caused by changes in the brightness of the screen. After booting LE everything is fine, then the flickering slowly starts and gains intensity (~30-60mins). The flickering is not a regular pattern but reminds me of the flickering of a I/O status led of a network switch. An interesting fact might also be that if I disconnect the HDMI Cable of the Beebox and reconnect it without rebooting the flickering is also gone for a while but will appear again some time later. I had these issues 1-2 years ago with the OpenElec releases at that time, but this issue was long gone. Now it is back.

    I am using LE 8.2.5 on a ASROCK Beebox N3150 connected via HDMI to a Marantz NR1604 AVR connected via HDMI to a Sony VPL-HW40ES beamer.

    What I should also mention is that I also use a PS4 connected to the AVR and beamer without any issues. So the beamer and the AVR are ok.

    Is this a HW problem of the Beebox or an issue with the LE graphics driver? :/

    What is the best practice approach concerning channel icons? Picons or channel icons? Any special recommendations for Astra 19.2 with focus on German language channels?

    Perfect! That's it epggrab was active on both tuners!

    The only thing that is left to be solved is that the EMMs are written to my cryptoworks TV card. I use almost the same config, still the EMMs are not written to the card... TVH tells me "Will not forward EMMs (not allowed by server)"

    What is the best practice approach with regards to power saving? As far as I read the latest satip-axe deactivates the tuners after a certain time of inactivity. That works as far as I can see. The tuner lights go out on the R1. But I just realized, that TVH is now constantly accessing both tuners with epggrab although the epggrab cron job is only twice a day. I only have those activated:

    Do I need both?

    No, i have only 2 of 4 connected. I have a Quad LNB but only 2 of 4 cables in the room. I have configured Tvh to only use tuners 1 and 2 (DVBS2-2). See screens below.

    minisatip config:

    Tuner #1 config:

    Position #1 config:

    DVB-S Network config:

    I was almost successful today. I successfully flashed the R1 with the latest satip-axe. I successfully configured oscam and I successfully connected Tvheadend. Unfortunately my scan of Astra 19,2E only resulted in one mux and six services. No matter what I tried I do not get more. I think I need your help now please.

    Update: I should mention that satip-axe is in its minisatip7 standard configuration. minisatip8 does not work (crashes?). I checked with an iPad Sat>IP app and the R1 is working properly. So the issue is most probably with Tvheadend... :/

    Alternatively you can have a look at for example an Digibit R1 for Sat>IP streaming server.

    Thanks for the hint to Sat>IP!

    I just did some research on Digibit R1 and Digibit Twin. Both seem to work reliably with Tvheadend. Are there any notable differences between the models R1 and Twin besides the 4 vs. 2 tuners feature (e.g. channel switch performance, power consumption)? What do you think about the Xoro 8100? It seems a bit more powerful with Gigabit interface etc.

    So if I understand the setup correctly I would additionally need a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with LE and Tvheadend in my LAN. Then I could also make recordings to a separate NAS in my network. My smart card reader incl. smart card would be connected to the RPi to decrypt the encrypted channels. Is this correct? I had a comparable setup on my now broken Wetek Play.

    One more question: is the new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ able to use the trans-code feature of Tvheadend or do I need more power?

    Hi next2non and CvH ,

    it's almost a year since you discussed the TBS 5990 issue which were related to LE8. I also checked the TBS forums, most issues were related to LE7 and LE8. Now LE8.2 is out and LE9 is in the making. I currently also think about buying a TBS 5990 because of the dual-tuner that I would like to connect via USB to a raspberry pi 3 B+. I would like to use LE8.2 and TVHeadend. Would you recommend it or are there better setups for such a dual-tuner configuration?

    Best regards.