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  • Alternatively you can have a look at for example an Digibit R1 for Sat>IP streaming server.

    Thanks for the hint to Sat>IP!

    I just did some research on Digibit R1 and Digibit Twin. Both seem to work reliably with Tvheadend. Are there any notable differences between the models R1 and Twin besides the 4 vs. 2 tuners feature (e.g. channel switch performance, power consumption)? What do you think about the Xoro 8100? It seems a bit more powerful with Gigabit interface etc.

    So if I understand the setup correctly I would additionally need a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with LE and Tvheadend in my LAN. Then I could also make recordings to a separate NAS in my network. My smart card reader incl. smart card would be connected to the RPi to decrypt the encrypted channels. Is this correct? I had a comparable setup on my now broken Wetek Play.

    One more question: is the new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ able to use the trans-code feature of Tvheadend or do I need more power?

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  • Are there any notable differences between the models

    only the R1 has support for the 3rd party firmware that allows Sat>IP over TCP and OScam

    At default Sat>IP works over UDP network protocol (every Sat>IP device), that creates problems if you have a problematic network structure and can lead to stuttering at the stream -> WLAN, DLAN, more then one switch at the network, RPi 0-3, a lot traffic at the network are things that could create problems (no way to predict if it just works or not). Sat>IP over TCP fixes that completely and it works reliable - but this is just working with the R1 + axe firmware.

    Sat>IP just redirect the tuner over network to any device you like (NAS ...) and there you still need an TV server software like Tvh or VDR (DVBViewer ...) - the Sat>IP "servers" are no real servers that can run Tvh etc. It behaves like a real tuner build in or connected over usb.

  • Is there any constraint with the Inverto airscreen IDL400S? This box would have GBit ethernet and it is said to have the same HW. If I ever wanted/needed to sat>ip 4k signals 100Mbit would definitely be too slow...

    server - Inverto.TV

  • I was almost successful today. I successfully flashed the R1 with the latest satip-axe. I successfully configured oscam and I successfully connected Tvheadend. Unfortunately my scan of Astra 19,2E only resulted in one mux and six services. No matter what I tried I do not get more. I think I need your help now please.

    Update: I should mention that satip-axe is in its minisatip7 standard configuration. minisatip8 does not work (crashes?). I checked with an iPad Sat>IP app and the R1 is working properly. So the issue is most probably with Tvheadend... :/

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  • No, i have only 2 of 4 connected. I have a Quad LNB but only 2 of 4 cables in the room. I have configured Tvh to only use tuners 1 and 2 (DVBS2-2). See screens below.

    minisatip config:

    Tuner #1 config:

    Position #1 config:

    DVB-S Network config:

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  • What is the best practice approach with regards to power saving? As far as I read the latest satip-axe deactivates the tuners after a certain time of inactivity. That works as far as I can see. The tuner lights go out on the R1. But I just realized, that TVH is now constantly accessing both tuners with epggrab although the epggrab cron job is only twice a day. I only have those activated:

    Do I need both?

  • deactivate everywhere and just 1 tuner should crawl epg, idle scan may not be necessary at all

    The only real problem of the R1 is that you can "kill" (till hard reboot incl 30min cut from power) the tuner if you have activate idlescan + epg scan at every tuner -> that creates a lot "noise" and spams the tuner with requests. Luckily this is function wise absolutely not necessary as 1 tuner is enough to do it already.

    you can test around what gave you the best results - Tvh status should help to get what is happening

    Do I need both?

    for Astra you just need EIT DVB Grabber

  • Perfect! That's it epggrab was active on both tuners!

    The only thing that is left to be solved is that the EMMs are written to my cryptoworks TV card. I use almost the same config, still the EMMs are not written to the card... TVH tells me "Will not forward EMMs (not allowed by server)"

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  • CvH , everything is working now as it should. I am very happy with my setup now. Thanks for pointing me to this solution. Enjoy your beer! Prost! ;)