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    We are currently pulling the final changes to LE10 so it is soon now much more reasonable to build it at all.

    We had unexpected package bumps of ~200 packages at LE and another 800 coming so its currently difficult to provide something without frequently rebuilding everything.

    Thanks for the update!

    Thanks for reporting, I have the same issue!


    today I started from scratch, only installed tvh and oscam

    started recording, after some seconds I started playback of this recording.

    in tvh log I see the same error as before.

    Thanks for your suggestions:

    I changed usb cable to dvb card with no improvement.

    1) will take some time.

    2) htop section i/o ony shows "no perm" for reads an writes

    3) around 1 GB free

    4) dmesg doesn't show any disconnects

    5) power supply should be ok, never saw a value other than 0x0

    Could it be, that dvb usb packets aren't processed in time, so tvh shows error?

    In this issue tvh isn't recording, just providing livetv.

    I will test if recording to usb attached SSD will improve the situation.


    dvb card - > USB2

    sharkoon xt duo 2 port dockingstation -> USB3

    If I start recording on dockingstation and start playback of this recording after some seconds I get the same errors in tvh.

    If I'm starting livetv and start filetransfer through ssh mc from first port on dockingstation to second port on dockingstation I get the same errors.

    So neighter recording to usb nor file transfer on dockingstation work.

    Could there be an usb issue on rpi4?