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    Thanks for reporting, I have the same issue!


    today I started from scratch, only installed tvh and oscam

    started recording, after some seconds I started playback of this recording.

    in tvh log I see the same error as before.

    Thanks for your suggestions:

    I changed usb cable to dvb card with no improvement.

    1) will take some time.

    2) htop section i/o ony shows "no perm" for reads an writes

    3) around 1 GB free

    4) dmesg doesn't show any disconnects

    5) power supply should be ok, never saw a value other than 0x0

    Could it be, that dvb usb packets aren't processed in time, so tvh shows error?

    In this issue tvh isn't recording, just providing livetv.

    I will test if recording to usb attached SSD will improve the situation.


    dvb card - > USB2

    sharkoon xt duo 2 port dockingstation -> USB3

    If I start recording on dockingstation and start playback of this recording after some seconds I get the same errors in tvh.

    If I'm starting livetv and start filetransfer through ssh mc from first port on dockingstation to second port on dockingstation I get the same errors.

    So neighter recording to usb nor file transfer on dockingstation work.

    Could there be an usb issue on rpi4?

    Could you please give me the steps to set this up on rpi4?

    One more question: Is it possible to use analog output on rpi?

    On a Pi3 it was possible to improve this by messing around with "vcgencmd arbiter set arm_uc" command, e.g.:

    # vcgencmd arbiter status

    # vcgencmd arbiter set arm_uc 12 0

    No idea it this is still valid for Pi4.

    Is there anything else I could try? I also tried to connect dvb card to usb3 with no improvement.

    I'm running now le 9.2.1 with latest firmware, eeprom and usb3 firmware.