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    Hi, I have the same issue with rpi4, no solution for me so far.

    sorry but its dead-ish and we are not adding even more old legacy cruft to VDR

    and yes I would like to have something like that at VDR, but afaik there is nothing

    btw it requires perl ..., we are already in 2021 so perl no tx

    Hi, would this webinterface be doable?

    GitHub - MarkusEh/vdr-plugin-live: Mirror of and a Collection of Patches from

    There's active development.

    List of vdr plugins and project pages

    Welcome to VDR-Projects |

    Today I installed vdr service on rpi4 nightly 20210321.

    To config vdr I would need vdr osd in client specific settings of the pvr section but its not displayed.

    Is there a way to display vdr osd in kodi 19 rpi4?

    Hi, did you get it running on le 10?

    We are currently pulling the final changes to LE10 so it is soon now much more reasonable to build it at all.

    We had unexpected package bumps of ~200 packages at LE and another 800 coming so its currently difficult to provide something without frequently rebuilding everything.

    Thanks for the update!