LibreELEC (Matrix) 10.0.0

  • Portainer docker container doesn't want to work on RPi4. Is there any one having this problem?

    I was getting kill messages when using the one, but it still seems to work.

    I made my own container with this command:

    docker run -d -p 8000:8000 -p 9000:9000 --name=portainer --restart=always -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v portainer_data:/data portainer/portainer-ce

    It works better.

    Make sure you set it up for Docker use (if that's what you're doing).

  • Thank you. It was a old and bad config files problem. Erasing config files and fresh start solved my issue.

  • It seems this new version is not available in auto update

    You never have an auto update from an old A type installation to a new fully fresh B type system.

    It's already just wonderful work from the teams that updating works manually. You usually have to do a fresh install for a new type of installation.

  • It's available as a manual update, although if you are running LE 9.x please note that we strongly advise a clean install due to the Python2 > Python3 add-on changes in Kodi.

    I have a few addons and I already know that they are python3 compatible. And now I am setting up le 10 from scratch (running from usb in persistent more) and I plan to back it up so as to restore it on the fresh install I am about to do on the same hw later on.

    For me, it is not only the addons that I have to add. I also have to add sources (e.g. my dlna server), configure le (name, ssh, wifi, boot process etc) and kodi itself (locale, skin, remote access etc) and all that is a very tedious procedure.

    So, leaving addons aside as the least annoying thing to (re-)do, would you advice for an in place upgrade from 9.2.6? I can wipe them clean from ~/.kodi/addons/, delete ~/.kodi/userdata/database/addonsXX.db (so that none of them will be listed as previously installed or active) and reinstall them fresh in minutes.

    p.s. Skins, locales (= every resource.language.whatever) and le's addons (e.g. virtual.system-tools) do not count as extra addons

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    Stop Kodi and move/rename the /storage/.kodi/addons folder out of the way so the add-ons cannot start (and crash) when you boot into LE10 for the first time. If you leave the add-on DB files in place we should check for new versions and install them, although there will be gaps and some cleanup might be needed. I normally advocate simply renaming the whole /storage/.kodi folder, allowing the upgrade into a clean Kodi instance and then stop Kodi and move back the bits you want to retain before restarting. It's a low-tech but simple/quick process if you know what the important files are and where they live/go (most users don't, hence the general advice to do a clean reinstall).

  • Hello,

    are there any plans to release this version in NOOBS / PINN format?

    Latest version for NOOBS right now (for Rpi4) is 9.2.6.

    Thanks and best regards.

  • Running like a breeze on 2 Pi 4's here. Thanks a lot for all the hard work you guys keep on delivering.

    One question. Is it a known issue that subtitles won't download to WebDAV media sources? They download and work just fine on local drives but when I use the Opensubtitles addon to retrieve a file Kodi says it's using it as an external source afterwards. But in reality the download doesn't happen and subs don't appear.

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    Is it a known issue that subtitles won't download to WebDAV media sources?

    Nope. But that doesn't mean there could be an issue :)

    But in reality the download doesn't happen and subs don't appear.

    Is the subtitle downloaded and placed in the correct location at all, or not? Sometimes when the target location is not available or not writable for whatever reason, subtitles will be placed in the temp directory.

    Simple question: why WebDAV?

    One last thing: actual support questions are preferably asked in a separate forum thread, and not in the news section.

  • Done / Updated.

    One more thing though - I've noticed that os.json in /noobs/LibrELEC_RPi4/ has old information - like version, release_date and maybe kernel.

    I don't know if that matters but I'm just reporting :)

  • Subs are definitely not saved in the webdav folder. I haven't checked the temp folder. This used to work fine with Libreelec 9.x though. I use webdav because I have 2 TB online storage for all my media. The Pi buffers 1 GB in RAM during playback. This way all content is always available on multiple devices without having to use USB storage. The player (and internet of course) is all that's needed.

  • Hello,

    thanks for the hard work for releasing this new LE version.

    "DVB driver not present...". I am not sure what DVB is, but I have seen it somewhere... and I have a tuner card on my RPI4, and I am running TV headend server to watch TV. Does it mean I will not be able to do it with LE10.0?

    I wanted to install this kodi plugin to watch, but a dependency with python 3 is required... and I understood I need kodi 19 to have python 3, hence LE10.0. Am I right?