LibreELEC (Matrix) 10.0.0

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  • I've updated my Pi4 from RC1 to Final, everything seems OK.

    Do you assume problems with Hyperion-ng (because of the non working Hyperion Addon)?

    My JoyIT-Multimediacase needs Hyperion-ng, but at least here it works as before after the update

  • max_usb_current=1 has no effect on RPi4, you can drop that.

    Overclocking capabilities and settings depend on your specific board/chip, you'll need to find out yourself if it works or not.

    4kp60 output has some known issues (see release post), these will be fixed in 10.0.1

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  • Always be careful with overclocking, it can cause subtle issues and settings that work stable today can result in an unstable system after the next (firmware) update.

    Of course you are free to overclock your RPis as much as you like, just keep in mind that if you experience some issue the first thing to check is if removing the overclock fixes it.

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  • I had forgotten to remove or change the skin prior to updating and went through with it.

    Unfortunately, as I should've expected, Aeon Nox Silva isn't available, so the system is currently stuck at Building Menu... Please wait.

    To get around this, I had to remove gui_settings.xml and restart. System booted up with default Estuary.

    For anyone who runs into this issue.

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  • May I ask what this means?

    Drivers for RPi2 and 3 are currently not yet feature complete and stable.

    Le 9.x had drivers for it and le 10 does not? Is it the end for the rpi3?

    And I admit the decision for dropping support for rpi 1/0 was correct. It started feeling sluggish even at 9.0 on my zero, so I switched to lakka for that sbc.

  • May I ask what this means?

    Developers are attempting to incorporate a generic driver model that fits "every" graphics engine, meaning we want to steer away from having to fix & develop separate builds for every type of Android box that has a divergent chipset. Looking at you, AMlogic...

    Right now 99% of RPi efforts have gone into the 4B. Sadly we cannot copy/paste most of that work back onto the RPi3.

    Is it the end for the rpi3?

    If I got informed correctly, currently the RPi3 builds do not support HEVC/H265, which is increasingly favored by users for obvious reasons. There are nightly builds with Kodi 19 around, but they will have their bugs.

    One other thing: the TVDB APIs v1-3 will be taken offline in a few months, and the new v4 api will get enabled. For now, there will only be support for TVDB v4 in Kodi Matrix and upwards. So, scraping with TVDB in Kodi 18 and lower with RPi3B devices will stop.

    However... Kodi already switched to TMDB for both movies and tv shows. So there is an alternative for that.