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    Goodmorning everyone. Here is a weirder thing I noticed with le 10 on a different laptop (intel t4300, ati 4570, 4gb of ram).

    Once it leaves the boot options screen (the one that says installer, live and run), it starts switching between an all red/green/blue/white/black screen and a couple of gradient ones! On the same system, le 9 boots fine.

    The forementioned system fails to boot from another usb stick with ventoy and a couple of isos. It shows the ventoy boot menu, but when selecting any iso, it stops forever at the blinking cursor on the top left corner.

    It seems I made a huge mistake on the le 9 installation. It is the old one I have on the intel laptop mentioned at the top of the thread and I had created a file that sets the libva driver manually, as mentioned by lrusak here. I probably wanted to have it ready beforehand, for the upgrade to le 10.

    Minimum opengl version for kodi 19 under linux · Issue #19521 · xbmc/xbmc
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    Removing that file made h264 videos play with hardware acceleration again, but with the same artifacts that I mentioned above for le 10.

    I am bringing this back because today I came accross the most weird playback issue. SInce May, I moved to the stable version of le (10.0.0 as of today) and I am still setting it up from scratch, using a usb stick and a persistent installation on it (the run option at the boot menu).

    So, I came accross an old hp laptop with amd turion which has a tiny ir remote control (rc1762307/01) and I wanted to test the remote! It works good in general, although the buttons in the top row need remapping because they do all sorts of weird stuff, e.g. the dvd button acts like the stop one and stops playback.

    The laptop has this gpu which presumably does vaapi video decoding according to vainfo

    But when a video is played with vaapi decoding, this happens (attached image). If I disable vaapi for h264 (and for everything else) the video plays fine, and it just stresses the cpu. On h265 videos, where vaapi does not work, the videos look fine too, although they are too choppy.

    Why does this happen?

    Almost worked! Actually, the entire idea and the shell script worked as it should. If only the python script did not have that extra dependency for the the tqdm library :(

    from tqdm import tqdm
    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'tqdm'

    I will try removing the offending line and see how it goes...


    Please excuse my "lazyness". The past 2 days were exhausting for me. I was up at 5 am (on sunday too) and had to go through the day with all my nerves hitting "peak performance" for at least 12 hours straight.


    Great! Now can I use it like so?


    I will test it in 4+ hours.

    Probably not the right place to ask, but I am too tired to open a new thread now.

    There is a python3 script I want to run on my le 10 x64 installation and it needs the requests library (python3-requests is the name of the package in debian).

    And it fails to run because this python library is missing. Pip is also missing, so I can not install it by hand. Can I somehow use kodi's script.module.requests to run it?

    You are right. The command "parted -l", which i just learned it exists, shows a lot more partitions and info.

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    Little Faye, a 6yo girl, asked me yesterday: How many cartoons can this tvbox keep?

    I checked its free space and dound out it has a little bit over 4.5gb, with nothing it it but le and a couple of kodi addons. It seems weird for a device that has 8gb of storage, so I decided to investigate it further.

    Here is what I found using various commands, since fdisk and lsblk are not available in le. Blkid reports 3 partitions, although I thought there were only 2, for flash and storage respectively

    # blkid
    /dev/loop0: TYPE="squashfs"
    /dev/cache: UUID="57f8f4bc-abf4-655f-bf67-946fc0f9f25b" TYPE="ext4"
    /dev/system: UUID="0c757ab5-f929-46a0-854d-3c2c6bf1ac14" TYPE="ext4"
    /dev/data: UUID="a9e78873-d2e1-4262-afd0-acb94fb7d766" TYPE="ext4"

    I assume /dev/cache is on tmpfs, because df -h reports

    # df -h
    Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
    devtmpfs                302.7M      4.0K    302.7M   0% /dev
    /dev/system             975.9M    158.6M    801.3M  17% /flash
    /dev/loop0              157.5M    157.5M         0 100% /
    /dev/data                 4.6G    199.7M      4.3G   4% /storage

    These sum up to ~5.5bg. But in parted > print, the entire 8gb of space are shown

    (parted) print
    Error: /dev/rsv: unrecognised disk label
    Model: Unknown (unknown)
    Disk /dev/rsv: 8389kB
    Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/524288B
    Partition Table: unknown
    Disk Flags:

    So what happened to those missing ~2.5gb? Can I resize the /storage partition so as to use them too?

    Relevant outputs from le 10 x86 running from an 8gb usb stick (persistent installation)

    Notice that bottom part of parted that mentions the partitions and their sizes? Why is it missing from the le of the tvbox?

    It's available as a manual update, although if you are running LE 9.x please note that we strongly advise a clean install due to the Python2 > Python3 add-on changes in Kodi.

    I have a few addons and I already know that they are python3 compatible. And now I am setting up le 10 from scratch (running from usb in persistent more) and I plan to back it up so as to restore it on the fresh install I am about to do on the same hw later on.

    For me, it is not only the addons that I have to add. I also have to add sources (e.g. my dlna server), configure le (name, ssh, wifi, boot process etc) and kodi itself (locale, skin, remote access etc) and all that is a very tedious procedure.

    So, leaving addons aside as the least annoying thing to (re-)do, would you advice for an in place upgrade from 9.2.6? I can wipe them clean from ~/.kodi/addons/, delete ~/.kodi/userdata/database/addonsXX.db (so that none of them will be listed as previously installed or active) and reinstall them fresh in minutes.

    p.s. Skins, locales (= every resource.language.whatever) and le's addons (e.g. virtual.system-tools) do not count as extra addons

    And he did that for ALL architectures/sbcs? Last time that devel build was updated was on August 30th (and on 29th for some architectures), unlike the nightly which was updated yesterday.

    Anywya, I am busy setting up my stable le 10 installation from scratch and I will soon move away from the nightlies :/