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    A Pi 4 here running LE11 doesn't play nicely on an IPv6 enabled LAN. Videostreams have problems playing smoothly and when I check Wireshark on my laptop I see tons of neighbor solicitations coming from the Pi (about one per second). This in turn causes the router to respond with lots of advertisements which can't be good for the network in general. Router advertisements should only occur every 10 minutes or so when no new clients enter the network.

    I don't know about the status of IPv6 in LE. I can't find lots of inquiries on this topic so I decided to just disable IPv6 in LE altogether. I ran echo "net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=1" >/storage/.config/sysctl.d/ipv6.conf in a terminal but it doesn't seem to have any effect. The Pi keeps producing these solicitations. How can IPv6 be disabled in LE11?

    The invalid key error pops up once in a while here on a Pi 4. It's connected to a 5 GHz network. Just a thought: if it doesn't occur on 2.4 GHz could it be a wifi AC specific issue? Wifi AC only works on the 5 GHz band so on 2.4 GHz the adapter falls back to wifi N.

    Nice. Perhaps even better if it were possible to use the wifi as a repeater. Android does the same nowadays. When wifi and hotspot are both enabled the hotspot retransmits the wifi connection of the phone with the access point. I'm guessing that happens on the same channel. Many laptops don't have LAN ports anymore and a repeat option would work around the problem. It would then also work with a phone or tablet.

    What kind of audio interface you're using? You should be able to send multichannel PCM over HDMI as long as the receiver supports it:

    Unfortunately the receiver only has optical and digital spdif ports. So no HDMI and thus no multi channel PCM. Therefor the standard HDMI output to the TV is set to 2.0 stereo. The TV passes the audio on to the receiver via optical spdif. The receiver supports AC3 and DTS but since the TV for some reason won't pass DTS through I only selected AC3 support in the audio settings in Kodi. AC3 is the only way to feed multi channel audio into this setup.

    When enabling Sync Playback To Display audio is always re-coded. Keep passthrough and AC3 Transcoding enabled.

    Doesn't that conflict with the function to change the Hz of the display to the media framerate? I always have the Pi4 match the video output with the media for fluent playback.

    I prefer to use the built-in volume options of Kodi to change the volume of all media. This way I only have to use 1 remote and it also works with the Kore app on my phone.

    This always works except when I watch media with Dolby Digital AC3 as the audio stream. Then the Pi4 does pass through and the audio is out or reach for volume manipulation. When its AAC or DTS or any other multi channel format transcoding kicks in and the volume can be changed from within Kodi.

    As a workaround I would like to see an option to always transcode all formats to AC3 even when the original is already AC3. Then I won't ever again have to grab the receiver's remote when I'm too lazy and comfortable on the couch. 😎

    When I travel my Pi4 travels with me. It's my mobile living room basically. All my media is on private cloud storage so I can watch all my stuff and that includes live IPTV anywhere with a mildly decent connection.

    What I do to get the Pi4 connected is I spoof the Pi4's MAC address on my laptop. Then I go through the process of logging in on the laptop. When that's done I switch off wifi on the laptop and immediately turn on the wifi on the Pi4 and it works.

    Then I connect the laptop again with a different wifi profile without a spoofed Mac address, login again and then both devices are connected.

    When I really want to be nerdy I also bring a spare dual band wifi router with DDWRT with me that I use to connect to the hotel wifi. I use the 2.4 GHz band to connect with the hotel wifi and then use the 5 GHz band as my own internal wifi network. There's NAT routing between both bands. The hotel sees the router's mac address meaning I can login with my laptop which effectively connects all devices at once. As a nice bonus it ensures optimal wifi reception for all devices which hotel wifi doesn't always do.

    I enabled debugging in Kodi and then did two pastekodi's. First with config.txt fix (HDMI output works from cold boot) and second without workaround (no HDMI output from cold boot or after unplugging/replugging HDMI cable, fixed by selecting HDMI 2 port on the TV and then back to port 1):

    With config.txt fix :
    Without config.txt fix :

    This is with LE11 nightly and on the old LG 'dumb' TV.

    It took a few days because I kept forgetting to buy an extra SD card for testing purposes. 🙄

    I tested the latest LE11 nightly build. At first the screen stayed black after the rainbow splash screen. Switching hdmi ports with the remote helped though. Changing the default video settings to 1080p 50Hz did not fix the black screen.

    Then I added the config.txt workaround and that made it work. Now there's an image (including the kodi boot logo) without having to select another hdmi port.

    I also added the config.txt lines to the SD card with existing LE10 setup. After reboot Kodi still booted fine. Then I copied the latest LE10 nightly to the upgrade folder to upgrade the installation. After the upgrade process the hdmi output kept working just like with the LE11 nightly.

    Thanks for the workaround!

    I can still upload debug info with and without workaround. Now I have that spare SD card it's much easier to switch. This would be debug info with LE11.

    What I meant is that the issue is specific to a couple of older TV models, not RPi models - which makes shipping even more problematic :)

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    Really? How old? Because here it doesn't work on a 2 year old LG LCD TV.


    1 TV here is an LG 60UK6200 which we bought in 2019 so it's 3 years old not 2 as I mentioned. It's a low budget smart TV with webOS. According to the pricewatch of Dutch website the model entered the market in February 2019:

    LG 60UK6200PLA Zwart kopen? - Prijzen - Tweakers

    Another LG TV is several years older. Not sure how old because it came with the place we rent. It's not a smart TV (no webOS) and it has the same issue as our smart LG.

    The manual of the smart TV here mentions a whole list of models so they might all cause the same issue. See attachment for screenshot of that list.

    AFAIK no developer has been able to reproduce the issue - it seems to be limited to a few specific older models - and without being able to reproduce the issue it's next to impossible to fix it.

    Personally I tested with my LG 55C8 OLED and my parents' old LG 32LH7000 TV - and both work just fine.

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    I'd be willing to ship one over. It's just that I'm in Asia and all Pi's are in a flirc case. That could make shipment rather expensive. But I'll flash the latest nightly build just to see what happens and then try to get some debug info again. I'll keep you posted.