• hi!

    is there any solution that my Raspberry driven Kodi would be visible in the network as a cast service?

    I enabled all DLNA options in Kodi, the network is one common for all my laptops/android phones, meaning no AP isolation problems, either the laptop is hard wired to the same router than the Raspberry, but unfortunately if I start to cast "no device found" seen on all my equipments and not a single bit is arriving towards Kodi.


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    There is no Chromecast-type support in Kodi, as Kodi is an open-source solution, and Chromecast has proprietary software from Google onboard.

  • no cast from kodi(. Also need it.

    But if you need to cast to kodi from phone, try Tubecast addon, hovewer it works just for youtube. Also it's possible using dlna instead, webvideo cast app for android for example. If someone knows better or more handy apps for android for dlna streaming pls let me know.

    Also for root devices there's AirAudio app, works just for sound

  • A few days ago I launched the Kodi DLNA server for my media library and it worked great, to share TV via DLNA I needed to install an old xupnpd-iptv-one server with docker, and it worked fine too, but it was necessary to load the TV channel list on /storage/.config/autostart.sh. Now I have replaced these two services with just one, jellyfin, installed with docker, and everything works better. Smart TVs and VLC do not need anything to access LibreELEC's multimedia and TV services. To avoid overloading the processor, all scheduled tasks of jellyfin are scheduled from 5 to 7 in the morning.

  • thanks elonesna

    but I don't think this is for the same purpose as my intention was (or I misunderstood your words, sorry in that case)

    so my intention is to share my PC screen (or e.g. android youtube) to my TV. but my TV does not have any features like this so I would like to share these computer screens with Kodi (as it is connected to the TV via HDMI)

  • I just use a pipe with ffmpeg to create a live stream of my screens and play that on my mediabox. Never understood the hype around these proprietary screen cast solutions... Ffmpeg is universal and anything that supports the format I pick and http playback can just play the streams.

    Or alternatively support google's awful closed source product crafting and buy a chromecast.

    DLNA doesn't have an officially documented screencast interface AFAIK.

  • Forget Miracast, it is proprietary software, LibreELEC will never be able to receive the screen of your android phone or send it to your Smart TV.

    If you want to use this go to the Google store, there you can find what you are looking for.

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    VLC can stream to other VLC clients. I already did this to stream DVD from PC to an Android device, which was connected to the TV. In theory such a VLC client should work with LE, too. Maybe such an LE add-on exists, but I haven't found it yet.

  • You all are just overcomplicating things and claiming screen share isn't possible at all to LE. This is not true. While there is no out of the box solution, kodi can play a live http stream if you got an URL. Therefore as I said all you have to do is to install ffmpeg or OBS, turn on screen capture and so you gotta make a http server, copy the URL and feed it into the kodi box. Then you can watch your PC screen from your LE box with a tiny bit of delay.

    Also, while I haven't tried it yet, such a thing is possible on a phone too using this app for example: Screen Stream over HTTP - Apps on Google Play

    You won't have sound this way and it's not designed for HD playback, but it will work. Although I don't get the point of screencast at all. Yatse can stream any local file you got to your TV over http or you can just look for an addon if you wanna watch some streaming service's content on a bigger screen.